Lucia Lotti

She never experienced the demands of work as a burden, even when she dealt with complex and difficult situations

About me

NAME: Lucia Lotti


CITY: Rome



ACTION/SECTOR: Legislation

POSITION: Attorney General in Gela



My Background and Career

I graduated in Law from the University of Florence, in 1979
I won the National exam in 1981; I was appointed judge in 1983, at age 26, and I Worked in many City. the first time was not easy given the burden of responsibility and being my first work experience . But the enthusiasm and determination were my fuel.
In 1989 I was appointed Public Prosecutor in the Attorney of Rome, where I worked until 2008. For a time I was relocated to the Attorney of Milan.
Between 2000 and 2008 I was appointed to the District Anti-Mafia Prosecutor's Office in Rome, I worked in many investigations and prosecutions of organized crime.
On April 2008 I was appointed, from magistrates' governing body , General Attorney in Gela, where I work now.


My Experience

I have a husband and a daughter of 26. I have never experienced the demands of work as a burden, even when they were complex and difficult; I always turned the difficulties in enriching.
To change places and functions was critical to broaden my understanding of the issues and refine methods and strategies.
Often it was necessary to use force, courage, and determination to ensure the presence of the institutions on the territory and to offer a good Justice service to the community.
My whole career has been of great interest, in particular the eight years in which I have dealt organized crime in Rome , where I had the opportunity to expand the area of action , treat international profiles , coordinate investigations of significant thickness .
I consider very important the current experience in Sicily as General Attorney in Gela . It is actually a really difficult and complex , but lively and evolved and I could work on organizational innovation , the development of strategies to combat the offenses , on accountability .




My Skills

In my work it is very important to the analysis of data and factors , the accurate reconstruction of the events and their classification . Over time I tried to refine methods and successful strategies , aiming to have a look open to 360 degrees , at the same time focusing on the optimal use of human and material resources and the constant operational synergy with colleagues , collaborators , investigators , also taking care continuity with their training .


Hints & Tips

Acquire real autonomy in the living work is essential . Maintain the ability to articulate , at all times , its evaluations and choices is the basis for respect themselves and then those close to us , is a prerequisite to be able to give to others . It ' important not to fall into any cliché , develop critical thinking and that the energies multiply the more they are used , he never afraid of hard work , especially as it is to act for the collective good .


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