Clara Maria Cesarini

Practiced modern pentathlon for fifteen years at a competitive level and has been a member of the Italian national team for ten years.

About me

NAME: Clara Maria Cesarini


CITY: Rome




POSITION: Trainer in  Federal Center of Olimpic Preparation of Pentathlon (FiPM)

ORGANIZATION: Federazione Italiana Pentathlon Moderno


My Background and Career

I graduated with honours in Sport Science from University of Tor Vergata, Rome. I’ve practiced modern pentathlon for fifteen years at competitive level and I was a member of the Italian national team for ten years.
I am a trainer at the Federal Center of Olimpic Preparation in Montelibretti, Rome. I’ve been training a youth team for five years and five of them are now members of the Youth National Team. In addition, I’m a fitness coach for a soccer team and for field hockey team too (in the last season we won the under 14 national championship).
In my athletic carrier, I won the Senior National Championship in 2012 and the Master Championship in 2013.
There were many difficulties during these years as a coach and as an athlete, but the determination and the will to reach important goals helped me to overcome them.


My Experience

I think that my athletic carrier has positively influenced my professional growth. As an athlete, I learned not only from victories, but also from defeats. Overcoming negative moments and difficulties helped me – still today – during my professional life. For the same reason, I can easily understand the daily struggles of my guys, so I can help them and teach them to never give up and try give the best.



My Skills

I know how to deal with young boys and girls of any age, professionally and sensitively. My combative character helped me to face new challenges that I stood in front, with courage and humility and by constantly counting on my family’s support.


Hints & Tips

What can I say to other women is to try to find their own “space” and a specific singularity in our society, in which – despite the achievements of recent years – sexiest stereotypes are still prevalent. My tip is to get in traditional male activities and fields and contend with them in order to create a different and more complete perspective.


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