Ursula Zelzer Lenz

Work time = Living time

About me

NAME: Ursula Zelzer Lenz

COUNTRY: Austria

CITY: Graz


BACKGROUND: University as well as specialist further eductaion

ACTION/SECTOR: Education and Training

POSITION: Business consultant, Life and social consultant, Supervisor, Trainer, Mediator, Coach




My Background and Career

After my school leaving examinations I entered several different life stages: first a degree course in media followed by a qualification in social and vocational education. While working as a vocational trainer I got the fantastic opportunity to take a position in the federal parliament. Following this, I spent over ten years working for the municipal authorities in Graz and at the Graz city department for women’s affairs. I then made the move into self employment and set up my own company “Zelzer- Lenz Consultancy Network KG”


My Experience

For many years I was a single mother and at the beginning had to make do with both little money and little time.
“Close your eyes and hope for the best!” was my motto. I learned how to persevere as well as the difference between quality and quantity in business dealings. The importance of staying true to my personal values also became clear. I discovered a mental strength which drove me to unwaveringly believe that the business would be successful as well as a strong desire to develop things further.

My various different life experiences brought me many advantages. How to find my way within a conservative organisation. How to stick with it instead of just saying” let’s wait and see what happens”. How abiding by structure and rules can actually offer freedom.

Founding my own company has definitely been the biggest learning curve and the most challenging thing I have done so far:
“I am self employed”. Being a sole trader is a balancing act between allowing the business to flourish, meeting the needs of your partners and family, commercial positioning and the market. Each variable needs various degrees of attention, speaks a different language and they all demand “EVERYTHING” from you.



My Skills

Being able to deal with uncertainty, stress and the unexpected, perseverance, a sense of humour, belief in your own abilities, self organisation, the ability to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear and forward planning.


Hints & Tips

Good, careful planning is half the battle!
1st step: A business vision, short term funds and long term plans
2nd: Personal abilities, strength and resilience
3rd: A support network
4th: Accompanying coaching
5th: Use creative breaks constructively
6th: Find a good mentor
7th: Enjoy DOING!




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