Marijke Krabbenbos

Entrepreneurial specialist in Idea generation

About me

NAME: Marijke Krabbenbos

COUNTRY: The Netherlands

CITY: Amsterdam


BACKGROUND: University Business Studies


POSITION: Owner, Idea-generator

ORGANIZATION: http://www.ideacompany.nl and http://www.bitesenbusiness.nl/

My Background and Career

My middle name is Idea generator. I like to adapt creativity in finding solutions and new things. I offer this talent to businesses, schools and not-for-profit organisations. It is necessary for organisations to deal with new and fast developments to stimulate ideas bottom-up. The extra benefit is a tremendous motivation of employees! Since 2006, I have my own firm: IdeaCompany. As a curious person, I am allowed to look in the business kitchen and contribute to innovative ideas. I also get ideas myself, to improve mismatches in offer and demand. Sometimes these ideas are worth to implement, because I am a ‘do-er’ too. That is why I set up the women’s network Bites&Business and made the ‘coolest auntie’s’ book. I also have set up a fashion line. Not all projects can succeed, but I enjoy them and learn a lot.

My Experience

I did not felt the urge to be an entrepreneur, when I was 24. I first worked for 10 years at different financial banks. I learned  a lot there on the items of marketing, project management and innovation, and on working with a diversity of human species. Now, while working on my own, I am only surrounded by nice people;-) Mrs. Neelie Kroes advises to also share your failures. I had to stop after 4 years the project Qolors, a web-shop with a fashion line of biologic cotton T shirts in fixed colours. I had a too narrow marketing budget to make it big, during the redundancy of the crisis. Happily I was able, to repay all my crowd funders, with money or T-shirts.  My lessons learned:You need a lot of skills and knowledge to let really grow a web shop. I love people more than goods. So trading goods and my own personal drives, are not a quite good match.



My Skills

I like creating new things with nice people. Restructure my ideas into new products and services. I like us all to benefit and share, by bringing people together and getting the best out of each other’s contribution. For learning new things, I like to enter a diversity of ‘worlds’.


Hints & Tips

For students, who like to be entrepreneur, but doesn’t know ‘how to come up with a business idea’, I gave some tips in the video: What does an entrepreneur need? 1. be good in your profession 2. like to be an entrepreneur, and want to learn much about it. How to come up with a business idea? 1. Ideas are everywhere. When you follow internet, books, magazines etc. in what you are interested in, you feel what is missing on the market, where you can give your own twist to. 2. you can partner with an inventor. She/he has the ideas, you add the entrepreneurial skills and knowledge. Ideas will then come to you! Then quickly pick up your chances and work hard to get there, share and network. The life cycle for products are faster, higher and quicker, so look for new developments during the ‘peak’.


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