Anna Szydełko

Chmielnik village mayor, activist for local community

About me

NAME: Anna Szydełko


CITY: Chmielnik


BACKGROUND: Secondary school

ACTION/SECTOR: Politics / Government

POSITION: Mayor of the village / Municipal Council of Chmielnik

ORGANIZATION: Municipal Council of Chmielnik / Sołtys wsi Chmielnik

My Background and Career

My professional career started like EMC operator functions. I also worked with use of computers and  as a warehouses team leader. Because of my education, I worked as an assessment clerk and tax accounting. Recently I started as a municipal councillor in local government in Chmielnik, and now, for several years, I have been the mayor of the village Chmielnik. My professional life has to combine and balance with family life - I have five children.
In connection with a social function there are many responsibilities, such as contributing to represent the local law in the form of resolutions forced in the self-government. In the near future I would like to obtain substantial funding from various EU programs for local development and piloting the most necessary investments undertaken in my community.


My Experience

Family. Which ones? reconciliation of work and responsibilities of work and family life

Personal. Which ones? Lack of experience in the performance of public functions, the responsibility for the judgments made on behalf of the inhabitants of the village

Social (discriminations…). Which ones?  Struggle  with stereotype “Woman- boss”

Opportunities: scrupulousness and openness to other people, also very important is one's availability, regardless of the type of work and the ease of networking.

Threats: ignorance of foreign languages, the so-called glass ceiling, and the stereotype of boss - women


My Skills

I easily adapt myself to changes.
I know and I use the required techniques to do a good job.
I easily spread and transmit information.
I listen and I pay attention to other people problems.
I like partnership building.
I schedule activities and organise myself easily.


Hints & Tips

 Suggestions and advice to give to women :

I advise every woman to strive persistently to their target. Very important is also the ability to be flexible in changing their skills and have a good orientation to the labour market.   

Assets to be developed: entrepreneurship, diligence, communication, accountability and good organisation of  work.

Weaknesses to overcome:  fear of failure, lack of support, socio-economic factors, lack of experience and knowledge in the field


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