Cristiana Mariani

Christian Mariani is an enterpreneur , jewelry design, mother and President of the association Confesercenti of Foligno.

About me

NAME: Cristiana Mariani


CITY: Foligno (Perugia)



ACTION/SECTOR: Politics and Government, Services

POSITION: Owner / President



My Background and Career

My journey began at high school when I realized that mathematics and science could be instruments of creative art.
Later, whilst studying law, I attended several courses of communication , visual arts and design.
Today I deal with design in the gold sector. Drawing has always been my passion and being able to do it as a full-time job is the realization of my dreams .
To be competitive in the sector, style and creativity are no longer enough. Indeed, nowadays specific studies and computer knowledges are essential in the field.
Since 2006 I have also dealt with the development of the territory of the Region of Umbria by organizing events and promotional events.


My Experience

The biggest challenge I have faced in my life was not related to my job, but was rather my desire to balance work, family and social commitment.
I was able to succeed due to my mental and physical commitment, as well as to the understanding and patience of my family.
The biggest goal that I achieved is to be proud for who I am and for what I do, despite the difficulties of a stressful and busy life and the weight of having to prove what I'm worth because I am also a woman, a wife, and a mother .
What allows me to end each day with a smile is my son’s pride when reading my name on a project about our city, as well as being able to look in the mirror and still liking myself despite some gray hair and a few wrinkles.



My Skills

My skills have been especially the ability to look to the future with optimism, believing in my abilities and he never gave up my femininity to compete with men.


Hints & Tips

The advice for colleagues who are undertaking careers of entrepreneurs is to always be certain not to lose sight of the goal and above all not to give up anything of one’s own life as a woman - because the secret is not to become men in skirts!


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