Aleka Biniori

Social Worker, Municipal Disability Support Project Manager

About me

NAME: Aleka Biniori



CITY: Volos


BACKGROUND: High Studies


POSITION: Manager -  Kekpa - Diek 

ORGANIZATION: Municipal Enterprise of Volos (She retired in 2014)


My Background and Career

I was born in 1963. I graduated with a degree in Sociology - Psychology from the University of Athens and I worked as social worker in the “Parent Information School” till 1995 and then as social worker – Researcher in ACT UP (Aids Coalition to Unleash Power) Drug users and HIV/AIDS representations in Athens. In 1997 came to Volos as head and member of the support services department for people with disabilities, Municipal Organization for Health and Social Affairs in Volos municipality (1997-2000),  Scientific director of ‘Primary Health Care’ project – Designer of “Help in the Home” scheme in Vocational Training and Research Centre of Magnesia Prefecture Administration. Since 2000 I am the head of People with Special Needs Centre of Municipal Organization for Health and Social Affairs in Volos municipality and since 2003 the coordinator and manager of “Special Educators Training” project in Volos.

My Experience

I was lucky to receive a good education and training, something that is essential for the development of someone’s capacities. In my case, my professional development was due to the fact of having access to Municipal Organization for Health and Social Affairs in Volos. In my career I have to overcome certain obstacles for instance, the fact that economic resources in welfare sector were insufficient and illogical and excessive bureaucracy. On many occasions, I’ve felt that I had no time for myself and my own personal care. My personality has helped me to overcome different challenges: my strengths, perseverance, and being able to communicate and adapt myself to the environment have helped me a lot. The professional and personal relationships have been an important asset. The inspiration to reach this point has been encouraged by the knowledge acquired during my learning; but, moreover, I have an intrinsic need to provide solutions to the existing problems, which drives me to act.


My Skills

Among my competences, I am able to learn and put into practice new information in my work, I am a good communicator, my personal development through my job is important. I listen and I pay attention to one’s problems. I coordinate and motivate the staff. I solve problems and I find solutions. I am able to quickly make up my mind. I don’t hesitate to ask for advice. I am able to use one’s experience and advices. Among my qualities, I am very active, talkative, critical, persistent, fast, innovative, open-minded, analytic, patient and democratic.


Hints & Tips

Lucky saying or phrase -  Carpe diem

Inspiration:My inspiration is Jonathan Livingston Seagull. My suggestion to give to women for them to reach their goals is consistency and continuity. About entrepreneurship, I believe the assets to be developed are consistency, patience, firmness, the woman must be respected and respectful, and communication and the weakness to overcome is the “craving” for power.

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