I earned a degree in Economics from Bocconi University of Milan, in 1987; since 1992 I am a business consultant and auditor. I’ve got a husband and two children.

I’m in charge to coordinate the Research Department at PwC Italy, an important consulting and auditing company, that is where I started my carrier in 1987. I have been director since 2000, but I couldn’t reach higher levels in the hierarchy of the company, since I chose to have a family and two children. After a first period as a consultant, I moved to the Research Department mainly because, as a consultant you’re totally devoted to customers, making business trip and staying away from home. That is quite impossible to a woman who chose to be a mother.
I successfully managed the launch of a new line of business in the editorial segment. After twenty years it is still a success and I have received many awards for this. So I am satisfied with my carrier, even if I could reach the highest positions within the company, if I had made a different choice. But the most important thing is that I achieved my goals.

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