Petra Jebens-Zirkel

Arhitektka, ki dela na področju biogradenj

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IME IN PRIIMEK: Petra Jebens-Zirkel

DRŽAVA: Španija

MESTO: Huesca


IZOBRAZBA: Univerzitetna izobrazba

SEKTOR: Gradbeništvo, Bio-gradnja

DELOVNO MESTO: Predsednica španskega inštituta za bio-gradnjo


Moj življenjepis

My name is Petra Jebens-Zirkel. I was born in 1952 in the south of Germany. Between 1971 and 1977 I studied architecture in the Berlin Technical University. While I was studying, I travelled around Europe, USSR and Turkey.
I worked in several studies of architecture in Berlin, and I trained myself, in a self-taught way, in bioconstruction. In 1983 I was travelling around Nepal and India for more than one year. In 1987 I arrived at Spain and I built my own bioclimatic house with Bioconstruction. Since 1992, I work on my own in restoration and new building work: houses and apartments, holiday cottages, public works…
In 1994 I passed my exams and practices in the Institute of Bioconstruction of Nuebeuern (IBN), and I got my degree in “Baubiologie”, that recognized me as an expert in Bioconstruction. Between 1996 and 1997 I made several trips to Germany and the United States, in order to continue studying the guidelines for the sustainable architecture.
I am a project manager and I’ve managed more than 180 works, from restoration to new building work, of which 95 are of Bioconstruction. Since 1999 I only made projects of Bioconstruction. I am Academic Director and Supervisor of the Master’s Degree in Bioconstruction from the University of Lerida, and I also collaborate in other Master’s Degrees from the Universities of Zaragoza and Madrid.
Between 2003 and 2009, I made the Project and Execution of the Headquarters of the Center of I+D+I of energetic efficiency (Circe) of the University of Zaragoza, a public work of Bioconstruction of national and European reference.
In 2009 I’ve been in charge of the Spanish Institute Formation of Baubiologie, of which I am the President.


Moje izkušnje

At the beginning of my career, I had to overcome different problems, apart from very little money to be able to continue with my development. On the other hand, in the university, when I studied, women who studied technical degrees were a minority; so I was discriminated against by some professors. In Spain, at first, 23 years ago, being a foreign women dedicated to the bioconstruction was very difficult for me to be accepted by the building firms.

What helped me most was to count on a great deal of inner strength, with a good karma and multiple blessings.



Moje veščine

My most important abilities are:
• I am able to learn and apply new knowledge in my work.
• I easily adapt myself to any change
• I have no difficulty in sharing and passing on information.
• I also listen and pay attention to other people’s problems.
• I like to collaborate with other people
My personal development through work is important.
• I like to negotiate and that all people end up satisfied.
• I like to work as a team.
• I also draw up plans for any activity and I organize myself easily
• I solve problems and find solutions
• I like to set goals in order to reach them
• I am able to make a quick decision
• I don’t hesitate in asking for advice
• I am also a good communicator.

My most outstanding qualities are being ambitious, active, a bit conservative, talkative and critical. I feel very cooperative, persistent, and democratic. I am always optimistic, innovative, and trustful. I try to be a little bit practical, flexible, relaxed and quick. I’m an open-minded person, but also sensible, very patient and methodical, with a looking-forward approach and organized.



Namigi & Nasveti

Moj nasvet in predlogi, ki lahko drugim ženskam pomagajo, da dosežejo svoje cilje, so: naučite se zaupati same sebi in svoji notranji moči. Imejte jasen občutek, kaj želite delati in se potrudite, da boste dosegle svoje želje, ne da bi se bale. To je najboljši način za vašo lastno realizacijo, ki izpolnjuje dušo.

Če želite ustanoviti lastno podjetje, morate razviti notranjo moč in biti pogumne, da lahko premagate vse težave, morate biti dosledne in "se boriti" za tisto, kar je vredno.
Glede slabosti, ki jih je treba premagati: to so vse negotovosti, ki nas paralizirajo, lenoba in negativne misli, kot npr.: "ni vredno", "ne morem", "nisem dobra pri tem …"


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