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Reactions about: how to use 100Mirrors cases in your classroom

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When you are a teacher/coach, you are always looking for new materials to inspire your students to enhance their entrepreneurial attitude. In this blog we give some reactions and tips of teachers/coaches in Higher Education and Universities.

Why use the stories in your classroom?

Why use the stories in your classroom?

  • Studying the women stories/cases can add to the motivation and identification of (female) students
  • The didactic tips and learning resources, on the site and in the Manual Focus on Your Future, can help teachers
  • It helps students to develop the core competence of being pro-active, taking initiatives, put ideas in to practice; so develop an entrepreneurial attitude.

How do you find what you and your students need?

how to find for teachers

Teacher/Coach Marianne : ‘For a lessons about career development I asked my students to view in advance some specific women stories ( I gave them names/ links). Each of them: 2 videos and text interviews in the chapter ‘have a clear vision on our future: define ‘dots on the horizon’. And 2 stories on the strategy ‘don’t be shy apply’! If you don’t fit the exact profile of 5 features, the employer asks, but you fit 3;at least you bring yourself for the other 2! (Study at home took about 40 minutes). We discussed in class during our lesson the appropriate strategy for the different students, characters and ambitions and defined tips to one another.

Teacher/trainer Henriëtte in lessons and coaching about your own enterprise: I myself learned a lot for my own profession from the video ‘How to become and remain an expert’. I advised my students to view the 9 videos on solo-preneurship. It inspired them. In one lesson we discussed the advantages and risks of 1. think small first? or 2. think big, act small or 3. Think big, act big first? In the second lesson we discussed in class the video ‘Share ideas, the power of mentoring’ and did the assignment of the white paper. ‘What do you really really really want to do….’. Nice new views and materials in addition to our normal program.

Teacher Economics Rik : I tried with my class the written assignment about social entrepreneurship, we discussed the prepared presentations in class on character definitions and impact of social enterprises. Quite effective material!

Arianne manager of Entrepreneurship higher education institute: I saw at the site 100Mirrors, 200 nice mini-documentaries. I send the link to my employees, my teachers team. How it works? Teachers have very few time. If a teacher is tipped to the site he/she will have a look, surf a bit around, when interested they give tips to students to look and study around the cases/ films and find themselves what they think attractive to use in their program.

What are the experiences in your country?
Please share them!

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