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A strong network helps every entrepreneurial woman

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To get contacts for business

To have fun

To share, to learn, to give and get

And most of all: Equal partners to help you to reflect
on your daily work and strategy; SO to get new energy.


www.Bitesenbusiness.nl is one of the women networks in 20 cities in the Netherlands. They already have a presence in Malaga Spain, and are looking now for country managers. Could that be interesting for you? Also in other countries this concept could be developed. In this small video Marijke Krabbenbos (one of the role-models in our 100Mirror project) tells in 1,5 minute about the Bites en Business concept. VIDEO Marijke Bitesenbusinesslooking for country managers. English subtitled

















Of course there are more forms of (regional and national) female networks in the Netherlands You will find an overview at the site of the Sheconsult Talentbank: www.allevrouwennetwerken.nl/

To get inspired by women, you also can take part of the lovely events of Supervrouwen.nl and subscribe to their magazine or have a look at the television programs they made this summer at RTL7programs they made this summer at RTL7

And above all: A lot of women is also member of mixed networks in their region, for business and contacts. Especially ‘if you want your business to grow and needs investors’ said Brummelhuis of the next women.

Our question: What is your favourite form of networking and why?


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