BARRY Cécile

Manager + Action´Elles Chairwoman to support women entrepreneurship

About me




BACKGROUND: High degree in Marketing and Business

ACTION/SECTOR: Services for enterprises
Voluntary : Lobbying for Women Entrepreneurship and teaching Entrepreneurship in Business Scools

POSITION: CEO&FOUNDER of WORLDMAS INTERNATIONAL + President of on Association mobilized for Women Entrepreneurship : ACTION'ELLES  and Vice Chair of a European Women Lobby : CLEF


My Background and Career

My first jobs were in Finance and Hotel Management as manager assistant.
I then spent 10 years developing real estate franchises where I got to a chief coordinator position.
I created my company "Worldmas International" in 2003: today employing 3 persons and developing both in France and Morocco. This company is acting in marketing and auditing services.
Feeling lonely in my entrepreneurship spirit, I joined ACTION'ELLES in 2005, where I gradually committed more: Vice Chair in 2008 and Chairwoman since June 2009.
ACTION'ELLES is an association which helps women who wants to create their company.
In 2012, there are 600 members in France and Action'elles is also starting in Casablanca, Morocco. http://actionelles.com
Since 2010, I'm also committed in ""La CLEF : Coordination française pour le Lobby Européen des Femmes"" : the ""French Coordination for the European Women’s Lobby"" was created 20 years ago by French Women’s Organizations to ensure their proper representation and to ensure implementation of the objectives of the European Women’s Lobby.  http://www.clef-femmes.fr/index.php?option=com_flexicontent&;view=items&cid=46&id=67&Itemid=54

My Experience

Economic: Changing from being an employee to become a boss is such a change, that 18 months "on the dole" is not enough for it ; this makes family economic support necessary for a while.

Family: As my husband is hard worker, and a lawyer as I am, he understood the time I spent for the company, didn't oppose and I could say he watched ... without supporting plainly in the beginning. My daughters have been of great support: they liked playing business and this really invigorated me.
Social: I did hear racist words such as "Black don't know management", "It will be hard for our clients to deal with a black woman" and so on ! A good sense of humour is necessary to answer such foolish (daft) words!
I also heard : "If you create a company, it means you are rich " ... Such cliché are so stereotyped that after a while, you don't get angry (annoyed) anymore !
Success is a whole, where character, training and relationships are important. Take time to properly define and plan everything before launching it. 

My Skills

Skills I find important : I easily adapt myself to change; I coordinate and motivate the staff ; I solve problems and I find solutions ; I like to reach my goals ; I'm able to quickly make up my mind and I look for personnal development through my job.

In case of arguments, I listen and try to be convincing. I'd rather avoid frontal attack and try to win.

Strategist, Practical, Multiple skills (versability), Spontaneous, Optimistic, Confident in future

Opportunities are fabulous : I meet good and beautiful people helping to consider the world differently.

Threats : loneliness while creating the company. To jump from being employee to become a boss is a hudge change in life you need to be aware of to succeed.

Hints & Tips

Lucky Saying:
Guillaume Apolinnaire :"It's about time we lit up the stars again"
"Passion is my driving force, without passion, life is dull"

Women have great strengths most of all multiple skills (versability) and ability to analyse. Dare and Act ! Be ambitious (it is not a bad word !). Plan your future and make it bigger. We are the driving force of Economy as much as men are. Stand up for your economical power!
Be spontaneous, believe in your vision, try and realize all your dreams France is late with entrepreneurship and specially with teaching it, which should be done at school ... We have been brought up to be employees.

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