Rosanna Ventrella

She has a degree in Business & Economics and she is an entrepreneur.
She is a lover of art and beauty. She is also the mother of Angela, an eighteen year old with a promising future in curling.

About me

NAME: Rosanna Ventrella


CITY: Torino



ACTION/SECTOR: Health,Research,Science,Technology



My Background and Career

I started working as a telemarketer in order to pay for my studies, which later led me to work at important Italian and foreign companies. In 2007 I decided to ‘make the leap’ and am currently the CEO of four companies. I am also a member of AIDDA (Associazione Imprenditrici e Donne Dirigenti d'Azienda / Italian Association of Female Entrepreneurs and Female Business Managers), an important network to enhance and sustain the world of work for women. As of 2015 I am part of the Female Municipal Council in Turin .



My Experience

During my career I have encountered some obstacles, often related to the fact of being a woman.
When I worked as Business Manager or Sales Manager , I often didn't have the same credibility of my male colleagues , only because I wasn't wearing a tie.
As a enterpreneur was even more difficult.
In 2007 I bought a company that had been run for many years by a man and whose employees were mainly men.
At the first, I faced some of resistance from employees . They did not recognize me as a leader.
At the first Christmas dinner with employees, I brought with me a tie and I told them, " if you miss it, this will not be a problem for me to wear it!"
Since then , thanks to my perseverance and my patience , I was able to accept my management style , which was different from that of the previous Owner.



My Skills

My skills are transversal as I have followed a broad range of projects in different kinds of market sectors. However, my greatest skill is the ability to reinvent myself and learn something new.


Hints & Tips

My advice is to maintain strong values such as honesty and transparency, whilst at the same time to consider all the difficulties involved in improving oneself. In my free time, I dedicate myself to the social sector (I am on the Directive Council of the Dragonette Turin NGO), to golf and to photography, all of which are passions that fulfil me together with my work and my family.


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