Jana Karásková

she is helping those who needs it the most

About me

NAME: Jana Karásková

COUNTRY: The Czech Republic

CITY: Prague


BACKGROUND: Secondary Education

ACTION/SECTOR: Third sector - social services

POSITION: Economist, member of the Supervisory Board

ORGANIZATION: Integrating Kindergartens Smiley-Smíšek


My Background and Career

As a part of my work, I gradually acquainted with the area of NGOs. I met with a large width NGOs. Some organizations interested me more and some less. But then I met with an organization that has worked with children with disabilities. I met within the organization with the children, but also the enthusiasm of people who were doing the work. And it appealed to me so that I was involved in the organization more than was my work. I also involved in my heart. Work in the organization and help swallowed me. Although subsequently the help this organization brought me a big disappointment and a bad experience, which is unfortunately common in the NGO sector, I knew that one must not give up despite the negative experience and look for the positive. The threat was an organization that was also the opportunity, or rather start of my work in NGOs. In this organization, I and my surroundings engaged with "heart." Unfortunately, after two years of very active work for this organization, we found that the president was not interested in children in the organization, not the organization as such, but only into her and her alone benefit. Leaving was very difficult and painful and for some time I thought that I never let organization drew more than necessary. But there was me and confirmed that having a bad experience should not affect the future, but on the contrary, I myself was looking for confirmation that helping makes sense.


My Experience

Within the project we started from scratch, from the beginning of the struggle with financial problems. In the beginning, we funded the project from our private money to pay the governesses. My colleague director worked for two years without pay. There were a few moments when we were deciding whether to continue or to give up. Money is important to have funds to my commitments within my profession to have free hands for working on the project. I work on the project (organization) for free - pro bono. The family is the one that at the moment of crisis helped find to find the way further, family is very active in helping the project.  Over the 20 years of my profession, I can say that a large number of clients it is not only the professional relationship but moved to personal relationships.


My Skills

I'm flexible, I like to learn new things that can help within my project. I like to have objectives and to reach my goals and partnership building. I am able to learn and put into practice new information in my work. I solve problems and I find solutions.


Hints & Tips

In my opinion, a lot of people do not endure because they allow they allow surrounding to affect them. We were taught that it is common to study and become an employee. To have the sureness. But we have not learned how to live our life! In business we follow a life of our own, we ourselves determine whether we continue or give up. But it is necessary to sacrifice our comfort in order to achieve something. Have your goal, know why do you do it and persevere. And especially not to listen of slander from others. When you start today, you did not change the past, but change your future.




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