Olga Stavropoulou

Internationally successful Consultant and Mentor for Women Entrepreneurs

About me

NAME: Olga Stavropoulou


CITY: Athens


BACKGROUND: University Degree - PhD


POSITION: Share Holder – Managing Director


My Background and Career

I was born in Athens in 1971. I graduated from the Arsakio High school in 1989, and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Sociology [Honours] at Northeastern University in Boston, USA. I received a Master’s degree in International Politics from the Universite Libre de Bruxelles.
I am combative businesswoman with experience in projects and actions for enhancing and promoting entrepreneurship, employability, mobility and lifelong learning and training, also in information campaigns, awareness and publicity of large scale, that motivate, engage and involving thousands of European citizens.
Some additional properties: National Editor of the Standard Eurobarometer (European Commission), General Secretary of the Development Manager Women and Entrepreneurs / Greek Society of Business Administration, Coordinator of the Greek section of the European Network of Mentors for Women Entrepreneurs (Business Mentors), Vice President of the Greek Youth League Entrepreneurs of Athens, Piraeus & Vicinity (ESYNE), member of Institutional Interventions Federation of Greek Associations of Young Entrepreneurs, mentor at MIT Enterprise Forum Greece Startup Competition (2015), Ambassador for Global Women's Entrepreneurship Day for Greece and Regional Leader representing the 28 member States of the European Union in the global institution that is carried out in 144 countries and is implemented by the WED NY, in collaboration with the Ministry. US Interior and the United Nations.

My Experience

During the first years of operation, lack of sufficient income made it impossible for me to fund the company and pay employees myself. My studies enabled me to become more actively engaged and focus on the European environment while long term professional training, both formal and informal, helped me to constantly improve my skills. I always need to co-operate with creative and socially responsible people. I believe in hard work, quality delivery and attention to detail.


My Skills

Among my competences, I am a good communicator. I listen and I pay attention to other people’s problems. I like partnership building. The individual development of people working with me is important. I coordinate and motivate staff. I like to work as a team. I schedule activities and organise myself easily. I am able to quickly make up my mind. I know how to manage all my activities (at work and in my private life).

Among my qualities I’m active, talkative, cooperative, optimistic, fast, open-minded, self-developed, creative and organised



Hints & Tips

My lucky phrase is: If I can, you can too!

As I grow older, I keep track of and admire different ideas, views and initiatives regarding honesty, creativity and eagerness to work and develop. I admire active people.

My advice to other women: Foster co-operation and partnerships.  Attend mentoring programmes. Business activities need not be innovative. Work hard and pay attention to detail. Build business operation on high quality standards!!! Make the most of and promote new technologies and social networking media. Be sociable and communicative. Assets to be developed: Entrepreneurship should be introduced into the school curriculum, freedom from blame and give creative Greeks the chance to show off their talents. Weaknesses to overcome:  Bureaucracy, lack of entrepreneurial culture in Greece, high taxation.


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