Małgorzata Żydło

Set up Meritum training company, her passion is sailing

About me

NAME: Małgorzata Żydło


CITY: Rzeszów


BACKGROUND: University


POSITION: Manager/Owner


My Background and Career

I set up my  training company “MERITUM”  in 2004 year, thanks to the funds from Poviat’s Labour Office and the EU project. Before receiving the grant I had to fulfill some requirements like  eg. finishing “ABC of entrepreneurship” course, have status of unemployed person for 12 months prior to the grant and submit application form. The idea for this type of business came from my professional experience. I’ve had little experience in preparing and submitting EU funds applications which turned out huge help for me while I tried to find funds for starting a business. Human resources training – the main activity of MERITUM- is like fulfillment of my  dreams. I  always wanted to work with people, for people and helping them. First two years on the labor market were very difficult. I didn’t have enough money and clients. However, I didn’t use any credits or loans. I used my own capital. In order to upgrade my qualifications I participated in EU project called “Trainers school”, which gave me more confidence and confirmed my decision.


My Experience

Economic. Which ones?  I used EU Grant to start my own business.     

Personal. Which ones?
fear of failure and the responsibility for undertaken decisions.Deciding factors of my success were among others: Money (EU Grant), my character and training and education.


My Skills

I am able to use the  experience and advice of others.   I solve problems and I find solutions.
I like to have objectives and to reach my goals.
I am able to quickly make up my mind.
I know how to manage all my activities (at work and in my private life).I am able to learn and put into practice new information in my work.
I easily adapt myself to changes.
I know and I use the required techniques to do a good job.
I easily spread and transmit information.
I listen and I pay attention to other people problems.
I like partnership building.
Personal development through my job is important


Hints & Tips

My life motto : “search for so many ways to solve your problems, until one of them will be the best for you. Don’t be afraid to realise your dreams.” 


Did some thing give you inspiration for your project / action / enterprise?
My firm is my passion and the realisation of my dreams and wishes. . According to me, my education helped me a lot in establishing  own business. It shapes my way of thinking about products and labour

Suggestions and advice to give to women :

Assets to be developed: knowledge, practice, training opportunities, advisory services,

Weaknesses to overcome:  stereotypes about women as an enterpreneur  in general


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