Joanna Skrzydlewska

Deputy in EP, activist for women who adopted children

About me

NAME: Joanna Skrzydlewska


CITY: Łódź



BACKGROUND: University

ACTION/SECTOR: Politics / Government

POSITION: Eurodeputy/MEP / EU

ORGANIZATION: European Parliament

My Background and Career

Since 2009 I am a member of the European Parliament and the implementation of the mandate I see as service to my electorate. I  also help in running the family business - a network of florists in Łódź and the Łódź Province.

As a Member of the Polish Parliament I put across changes in the labour code, to ensure the right to maternity leave  for mothers who adopt, to have the same right as mothers who give birth to a child. As  a MEP I organise free training courses for unemployed women or returning to work after maternity leave, and also organise training for acquisition of EU funds to open and run a business. Together with the Carpe Diem Foundation I organise meetings  for fight against breast cancer in which women can also take advantage of free preventive medical examinations.

My Experience

Deciding factors of success are: Family,Education and training, strong character,my professional relationships / acquaintances.
Opportunities and threats which had a strong influence on my career.

Opportunities: education, creativity, determination, striving to the end, to have a vision, an open mind, emotional stability, willingness to take risks, independence, people-oriented, sense of control, the ability to mediate and interact with people

Threats: intense competition, the rat race, stress, crisis, discrimination, stereotypes, barriers to family, partner, etc


My Skills

I am able to learn and put into practice new information in my work.
I easily adapt myself to changes.
I know and I use the required techniques to do a good job.
I easily spread and transmit information.
I listen and I pay attention to other people problems.
I like partnership building.
Personal development through my job is important
The personal development of people working with me is important.
In case of arguments I’m looking for peace.


Hints & Tips

Did some thing give you inspiration for your project / action / enterprise?
Careers in the European Parliament gives great opportunities. Participation in the work of the Committee on Regional Development, preparation of speeches, statements, opinions, etc. on various topics related to the European regional policy and structural funds, translation and assistance in writing amendments provide training in itself. In addition, working for the institutions gives the opportunity to participate in a number of different subject areas: courses: managerial, legal, political, linguistic, etc.

Suggestions and advice to give to women:   

Investment in yourself and staff, training, innovation, knowledge of the business in which you want to work.

Weaknesses to overcome:  
intense competition in the market, economic instability, financial obligations


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