Teresa Radoń

Organic farmer, runs and breeds Milky Cattle on her own farm

About me

NAME: Teresa Radoń


CITY: Pikulice


BACKGROUND: Secondary school/Self-educated

ACTION/SECTOR: Agriculture

POSITION: Owner / Farm setting


My Background and Career

Together with my husband we decided to run a farm. At the beginning it was quite small and we dealt with crops cultivation, but later on we changed our profile and right now we breed
Milky cattle and grow most of our plants in ecological way.

My Experience

Economic:  Financial- loans, credits payments, uncertain economic situation on rural market, products sales.

Family. Which ones?
combine work, especially in agriculture, raising six children is a challenge, but now the children willingly support our work and many responsibilities.
For us great support was grandparents help in childcare.

Personal. Which ones?
Multitude of responsibilities, full availability and dedication to work.

Social (discriminations…). Which ones?
Work on the role and operation of a farm is seen in society as a lack of resourcefulness and passivity, but in reality it is hard work, complete dedication and the need to constantly improve and develop of sills and competency to be able  lead a modern farm.


My Skills

I like to have objectives and to reach my goals.
I am able to quickly make up my mind.
I know how to manage all my activities (at work and in my private life).
I don’t hesitate to ask for advice.
I am able to use the  experience and advice of others.


Hints & Tips

 Lucky Saying: “ Smile, tomorrow will be better”

Did some thing give you inspiration for your project / action / enterprise?
Working on our parents farms when we were young.

Suggestions and advice to give to women:   
Everything is possible if you believe in yourself and have enough “power” to realise your ideas or plans. Go ahead, you can do it.


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