Founder of “La boite à Lutins” : a recreational café for children (and adults)

About me




BACKGROUND: High school

ACTION/SECTOR: Associations / voluntary sector. Restaurant for children


ORGANISATION: La boîte à Lutins

My Background and Career

After having completed my high-school degree (BTS) « Management assistant » I worked, for several years and in different companies, as an assistant in the executive office.
Unsatisfied with those first jobs, I had the opportunity to switch to training assistant (a manager trusted me on this position even though I didn’t have any experience in the field). My mission was then to organise the training plan for the employees of a company of the aeronautics sector.
When my son was born and after 14 years of such tertiary sector professions, I realised I felt a lack of human or financial recognition and I couldn't act independently or autonomously enough.
I felt I had to change my life and make my own decisions for once: I therefore decided to create my own association and activity. I didn’t want my life to spin out of control anymore.

My Experience

Economic Problems: Finding opportunities to get started: I spent more than 7 months running after money

Social Problems: I had to overcome discouraging and negative comments of close friends : "this project is too ambitious; you have very sly chances of success ..".

Social deciding factors of success: Unemployment Agency followed the project and was enthusiastic about it
The last boss who understood the will to leave my job: agreed termination.
Child care system for my son and family’s support
My personality is also a factor of success:
I am motivated. I dare to ask people when I need to get information. I have the nerve to go on when needed

My Skills

Skills :  I easily adapt myself to change, I like partnership building, The personal development of people working with me is importan to me

In case of arguments I look for peaceful solutions, I schedule activities and organise myself easily, I am able to quickly make up my mind.

Qualities : Active, Fast, Ambitious, Persistent, Innovative, Open-minded, Flexible, Trusting

Hints & Tips

Lucky Saying: One reaps what one sows.

You first have to properly define and write your project before launching it. Take the time to grow your ideas. Surround yourself with people who believe in you to avoid discouragement. Hang on and learn how to deal with loneliness. Always stick to your longings, dreams and environment, despite changing contexts. Dare to ask for advice. Meet people who succeeded in the same field: catch feedback and constructive criticism. Keep time for yourself or you’ll drown! Get focused, and accept the fact you can’t always please everybody. And last but not least: have some nerve!

Assets to be developed : Involvement, multiple skills (versatility) and ability to rebound

Weaknesses to overcome : Shyness, Under confidence



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