DOMENE Félicie

Chairwoman of CPE : a national cooperative network to support entrepreneurs

About me




BACKGROUND: Self-made woman

ACTION/SECTOR: INDUSTRY - Building Construction and Public Works sector


ORGANISATION: REGATE /  Coopérer Pour Entreprendre

My Background and Career

I had to stop my studies very young because I had my children. I couldn't finish high school. To overcome this, throughout my professional life, during the evening, candidate or free training, I trained and qualified, accounting, administrative management companies, in order to become a leader of SME cooperative.
I entered as administrative secretary in a cooperative which I became CEO. I then developed two new cooperatives: one in Building Construction in which I stayed as CEO, another where I developed and directed the management's transition. Both companies are cooperatives with entrepreneurs developing their business, employees are involved in economic activity, and the cooperative provides administrative, accounting, social, training and management consultancy and business, as well as the sharing of knowledge and means. Locally, I manage 100 people, and nationally, the group of which I am the Chair is composed of fifty companies and includes 5,000 people.
I was elected leader of a national movement of cooperatives, and I am registered in my territory on several local development structures as well as in different social or cooperative innovations.

My Experience

I had several opportunities and it's thanks to my will to learn and to my ambition, that I succeeded.
I must admit that having to raise kids all by yourself triggers you to make up for a better life. I worked hard, sacrificed hours of sleep, and often my life as a woman. It is now that I realize that, because at that time I thought about the children first to make their lives. I was lucky, because in companies in which I worked, I very quickly assumed executive positions without always having the recognition. In the cooperative Regatta during a change of management, it was my colleagues who convinced me to take the job. Being a woman is quite difficult, men never take you seriously.
And I was quite young when I was director for the first time. But I am a person not afraid to act.  I am pragmatic. To overcome difficulty as a woman you should always gain more skills ... but for my part, I take my femininity, and sometimes I overplay to just say that I'm a woman.


My Skills

I am endowed with common sense, pragmatism, foresight, trust me. I am persuasive and face real latent discrimination for being a women, I show that I am a woman. On the other hand I have the ability to lead a group, as a team manager. I have the ability to learn, adapt to new situations, and I know how to use the necessary techniques for my work. I am attentive to others. Personal development and that of my colleagues around the work is important to me. I like to create partnerships, seek counselling and pass on my experience of others. I know organize, plan and manage my time. I like negotiation and so that everyone wins. When there is a conflict, I seek peace. I am leading a group, and boost collective intelligence.

Hints & Tips

Lucky Saying: He who does not undertake anything will no mistake make

Never give up, never forget your goal and keep going on. Create the network and ask for help. Do not be afraid. What do you risk? Stay being a woman. Able to anticipate needs, control, sell, produce and manage.



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