BEGES Magali

Chair of La Maille au Naturel, rural cooperative knitting textile

About me




BACKGROUND: High school and diploma in accounting

ACTION/SECTOR: Textile industry. Wool and knitting


ORGANISATION: La maille au personnel


My Background and Career

LA MAILLE AU PERSONNEL, which could be translated "Mesh & Staff" is an industrial cooperative in the textile sector. It has a staff of  18 people, the majority of women  in a rural area in the South West of France. Manufacturer specialized in knitting and making sweaters, we realize models for brands; merit expertise comes to humans, although our knitting are the latest generation, they allow us to design products developed according to tradition. We have developed two new activities, office chairs polyester, and we have developed our own brand "La Maille au Naturel".

At my qualification,I went up the stairs, step by step :  bookkeeper, accountant, administrative and financial manager. From 1981 to 2010, when we create the mesh to the staff, I worked in seven companies, including 4 in the textile sector, so that I can speak well.

In order to maintain the employment of women in this rural area, I came to a leadership position to take over the business after the corporate filing for bankruptcy of the factory.

I have been sitting on a local council for 7 years

My Experience

Economic: We have seen several firm bankruptcies. Living in rural area means we need to drive a lot of miles to get to work.  We have also noticed that job-sharing has developed. On the other hand, if we all keep our jobs environments near us, we must also say there is a good atmosphere among the people who founded the cooperative. and this is important. When we started talking about our desire to take over the business as a cooperative, the elected representatives of the community of communes have mobiised around our project to preserve local jobs. Community Commons purchased the building and we rented, which allowed us to focus our financial contributions and loans on the materials.Our families have supported us since we each made financial contributions and then part project financial partners, this is a good number of customers who have shown their support by enhancing our skills and seriousness.

Personal : I became a widow at 42

Social: My personality and acquaintances have been the most deciding factors of success. Opportunities are people helping along the way who allow me to go on (forward) ... This support is really useful in a fragile industrial sector !



My Skills

Skills I find important : I know and I use the required techniques to do a good job. I like partnership building, I coordinate and motivate the staff, I am able to quickly make up my mind. In case of arguments I look for peace, I know how to manage all my activities (at work and in my private life). 3 types of Qualities are useful: Active and Fast, Persistent, Methodical, Organised, Open Minded, Optimistic.



Hints & Tips

Lucky Saying: Help yourself and god will help you / Each day has enough trouble of its own

Have a good project.
Believe in your action and go for it! The art of an Entrepreneur is of the same sort as (can be compared to) that of an air control tower ! People count on you. You are in charge and have to protect your employees. Take care how you manage your life balance because entrepreneurship can be time-consuming !


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