Sophie Lamprou

Co-Founder of a network of collaborators focused on making a positive impact in our world

About me

NAME: Sophie Lamprou


CITY: Athens


BACKGROUND: University Degree



ORGANIZATION: Impact Hub Athens


My Background and Career

I am the co-founder of the Impact Hub Athens, a community of people believe a better world evolves through the combined accomplishments of creative, committed, and compassionate individuals focused on a common purpose.
I received the University degree in Management and Economics from the Department of Management Science & Technology of the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUIEB), and I am a member (and president) of AIESEC in the local and international level.

Since 2010 and for three years I was a member of the hosting team in the Impact Hub Madrid, where I learned in practice the community building processes, design thinking and collaborative leadership. At the same time, I was member of the team of advisers in the Creative Society, focused in the supporting and strengthening of businesses through creative problem solving processes.
I was responsible for the project "Are you ready for us?", a global survey on the conditions that accelerate youth entrepreneurship.
I cooperate with IE Business School in Madrid, where I’m a lecturer on social entrepreneurship in MBA & IMBA.

My Experience

In order to start up our business, I had to save up money for 5 years of work. With patience it was possible to save up an amount- not at all big, but little- with which, together with my best friend/partner ’s part we managed to collect a little startup capital to start off. With the support of our families, we managed to kick off a simple prototype of the Impact Hub Athens and soon, be able to grow bit by bit and go closer to sustainability. What was needed- and still is, is a lot of perseverance & resilience. Working really hard for 2 years and not get paid anything, living from the little bank account that was left, is tough. A lot of people have helped us and still do. And primarily our families (brothers, sisters, parents). It s really unmeasurable their support & how big part of the success is because of them. In addition, a lot of friends, fellow Impact Hub makers & members, have supported us voluntarily,  travelling in Greece covering their expenses, opening  up networks, going together in sales meetings, promoting our work, consulting us hours & hours for free. The problem for being a girl and also, for being young, is an issue that of course I have to face. In addition to that, the fact that we are working in the social enterprise sector, that both business & the social look sometimes with skepticism is a barrier we have to overcome. Being a girl in business, negotiating with the public sector, big corporates & universities is still challenging. Being young is making things more difficult, because people treat us as “the kids”. Unfortunately, this is indeed sometimes is bad because we cannot read behind the lines the intentions of others using us & our work and being undervalued. However, we are always in the fore front and we know how to move in the youth market more easily.


My Skills

Among my competences,I am able to learn and put into practice new information in my work.I easily adapt myself to changes.I listen and I pay attention to other people’s problems.I like partnership building. I like to have objectives and to reach my goals.I don’t hesitate to ask for advice.I am able to use the experience and advice of others.

Among my qualities I’m ambitious, active, critical, persistent, fast, open-minded and far-sighted.



Hints & Tips

My lucky phrases are let the world change you and you can change the world

the journey is what matters at the end and not the results
I had the luck to come across great people in my whole life- women and men, showing me that everything is possible, that hard work pays back and that living up to ones standards, vision & ethics is tough, but ensures that you will be happy. Individuals that against all odds are making it happen- like: Hinnerk Hansen, Gabitza Albescu, Alexis Eremia, Max Oliva, Simon Ulvund, Alberto Mazzetti, my parents are among the most influential people for me in my entrepreneurial journey. There are many inspiring individuals that i came through during this way, and working with and for social entrepreneurs & change makers only makes me more convinced that this is the way to go. I think it is necessary to remember to take care of ourselves, our mental & physical health, together with our personal development, while dedicating ourselves in our job.

Also, read this book: http://www.amazon.com/Lean-In-Women-Work-Will/dp/0385349947 gives a great insight on women, our style, our role and what keeps us behind. We should definitely be aware and fight it in our nature that can hinder us from being succesfull



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