Tanja Skaza

In her company she is a visionary and an implementer.

About me

NAME: Tanja Skaza

COUNTRY: Slovenia

CITY: Velenje


BACKGROUND: University education in economics


POSITION: Director

ORGANISATIONPlastika Skaza d.o.o


My Background and Career

I work as Director of Plastic Skaza. I am in the company for 11 years.
I am taking care of:
- the organization of the company,
- human resources,
- the financial sector,
- the growth and vision of the company,
- our own brands (Organko, Cuisine).
Before that I was employed at Zlatarna Celje, as Sales Director for Slovenia and former Yugoslavia market:
- opening new stores,
- the creation of new sales networks,
- contacts with suppliers,
- sales promotion,
- the employment of personnel,
- taking care for the franchise units,
- taking care for the retail network and wholesalers.
A few years also in the Veleprodaja and selling clothes of different brands.
I graduated in economics.


My Experience

The biggest obstacles were in times of crisis, when the industry was the one that has suffered the greatest impact. That was not a time for the weak. We had to decide to act – and act quickly. We were bold and that paid off. In times of crisis, we have developed two trademarks: ORGANKO and CUISINE.
The biggest support and help was my family – my husband, children, parents, mother in law and father in law, as well as employees. We came together and showed that we can do. The team that has been with us from the start knows all that we have been through to be where we are today.
There was no question of harmonization, because when I became a mother, I knew my children would one day run the company. Right from the start, we raised them to be accustomed to the business world, to have working habits and to be able to choose the right paths. They already know how the weekday looks like, what they need to give up, and also what privileges you gain. There is no question if you want to live a life like that you simply have to. Not only my family depends on this, but also the employees - all of the employees are affected by our decisions.
The decisive factors of my success are primarily courage, passion, determination, vision and clearly defined objectives. Without courage and passion, there is no boost, and without a vision, there are no goals. Without goals, there is no path. Then there is the team, without which there are no results.



My Skills

I always had a vision and the desire of development. I am a visionary and an implementer. I believe that people are constantly learning and improving – we are wiser every day. My sentence: all is possible, only the sky is the limit. I still develop my competencies, I constantly learn and I know that I still have a lot to learn. However, without desire, openness, determination and courage it cannot be done.
Rarely one masters something from the beginning. Experiences are those that bring certainty, confidence and success. I developed the abilities of teamwork, understanding, organization – even managerial competencies came eventually. All the competences that a person has and is developing may bring success in the long run.
It does not matter which competences a person has, but how they are able to use them. What is important is the courage, determination, initiative, believing in yourself and other people, clear judgment. Clear objectives and a plan for achieving them.


Hints & Tips

Set clear goals. Be confident, determined, gather courage that will lead you to the first step. Before that, make sure to get adequate knowledge to take this step. Believe in yourself and in your decisions. The most important is a team that believes in you and supports you. Build your own winning team. Winners always have good advisers. Those who know how to appreciate themselves and know their advantages will also highlight that loudly and clearly. We must not be afraid, because each fear is only an obstacle on the way. Fear paralyzes you and does not bring anything good. Every beginning is difficult and on the way towards the goal, there are obstacles, but it is essential how we face them. Are we going to be able to figure out what is good for us? Do we see the opportunity? Will we be able to exploit our advantages? You should ask yourself these questions.
Women entrepreneurs are just as successful as men are – more and more of us are in leadership positions, and rightly so. I believe that entrepreneurship should not look at the sex, but at the skills and achievements. Despite the fact that we are wives and mothers, this does not stop us, but we can successfully coordinate one with the other.
Motto: All particles count!




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