Marcella Mallen

She is an expert on female leadership.

About me

NAME: Marcella Mallen


CITY: Rome




POSITION: leadership roles in Manageritalia

ORGANIZATION: Manageritalia


My Background and Career

My name is Marcella Mallen , I’m mom , wife and manager . I was born in Genoa , I live and work in Rome . I am the author of articles on management and co-author of the book " Effect D. If the leadership is female : special stories of ordinary women ." I'm passionate about art and for some years I paint watercolors . I like traveling , going to movies , cooking for friends on holidays . Sometimes I miss the sea.


My Experience

I starded working in the Legal area, lather I was involved in management , development and training in companies. Live for a long time in an environment with the right amount of competitiveness , it gave me the right push , making me grow , until I assumed responsibility ever-growning .Thanks to my design and positive approach I have achieved leadership roles in Manageritalia, an association representing the high professionalism of the Tertiary, and Prioritalia, association for the civil commitment of the managerial community.
Currently I teach at public and private Universities in the Master of High specialization management, and in projects of mentorship and tutoring for the younger generations.



My Skills

Most useful skills to orient myself in the complexity of the “knowledge society” were: curiosity and willingness to learn; the ability to get involved, the courage and the passion that helped me to manage the stages of change; to recognize and appreciate the good teachers; aim to live in contexts of learning, develop personal and professional relationships of quality.
Today I think I gained a good flexibility and the ability to motivate and engage people, giving them a vision and example.


Hints & Tips

Trust your eyes and not only the critical gaze of others. Have more confidence in themselves, do not fall into the trap of not feeling up to the task and incapable of leadership. Faced with new challenges to stop thinking "I'll make it?", But rather ask "worth it?". Advice to young women to take the risk of being authentic to the end, with all their limitations and their quality. To become leaders remaining woman.


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