Patrizia De Luise

a dynamic and active woman, mother and entrepreneur, she is also president of Confesercenti Genoa

About me

NAME: Patrizia De Luise


CITY: Genova



ACTION/SECTOR: Retail and Trade

POSITION: Enterpreneur



My Background and Career

I received the scientific high school diploma, to then pursue studies in philosophy (with a focus on pedagogy).After a few years teaching history, philosophy and mathematics, I chose to dedicate myself entirely to my family’s business – a female lingerie shop.
In 1989 I joined Confesercenti (Italian Shopkeepers’ Confederation) as a member of the presidency and of the provincial government, with positions in the fashion industry. From that moment, my commitment in the sector has only been developing: in 1998 I became the provincial President of Confesercenti, and in 2005 I became a regional President of the same confederation.
In 2002 I became President of the Italian Franchising Federation and in 2004 I became part of the national administration. Currently I am the National Vice-President of the Federation, a role I have been covering for a few years now.
In 2004 I became President of Mediocom, a credit consortium for SMEs in trade, services and tourism.
I am also a member of the Chamber of Commerce administration, having held different positions within the same organisation: being President of the Ligurian Centre for Productivity since 2002, and President of the Committee for Female Entrepreneurship since 2000.


My Experience

Amongst the already mentioned experiences, my entrepreneurial experience at the beginning of my career was very significant. Indeed, it gave me the opportunity to develop human resources management skills in different shops that turned out to be very useful in subsequent years.



My Skills

Through my entrepreneurial experience, I was able to develop relational skills with businesses, producers and clients, as well as with employees. Because of these skills, I have been able to develop an approach to the mediation in conflict resolution that has helped me acquire greater authority and awareness. Awareness that all challenges must be confronted by being dedicated, competent and balanced – as these are all winning weapons to bring these obstacles to an end.


Hints & Tips

The advice I would give is to therefore invest in oneself and in one’s own skills, without ever becoming tired of acquiring new ones. Moreover, I would advise to never give in to fear by avoiding to confront problems or by hiding behind difficulties, as in my case by covering different social roles.


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