Samira Bouchibti

is a versatile politica and writer. First member of the parliament, now member of the Amsterdam. local county. She is specialised in multi-cultural items.

About me

NAME: Samira Bouchibti

COUNTRY: The Netherlands

CITY: Amsterdam


BACKGROUND: Journalism

ACTION/SECTOR: Politics and Social sector

POSITION: Self-employed Advisor and writer on political, social and multi-cultural topics


Company: http://samirabouchibti.nl/
Writer of 2 books:
De moslim bestaat niet en de islam de moslims en ik


My Background and Career

I live already for 42 years in the Netherlands. Born in Fez Morocco and being 2 years of age, I came here with my mother and 5 brothers and sister, for family reunification. My strong mother always told me, to take care of an income of my own. So besides studying, I have always worked. I also want to give social contributions to our society. I combined paid work with voluntary work, for example board member of womeninc. Since having my 3 year old daughter, I had to diminish the voluntary work a little.
I became member of the parliament at my 36Th for the PVDA (a social democratic party). I evolved to a liberal. Now I am (part-time) member of the Amsterdam council for the VVD (the liberals). To really changing things, being active in politics, is very important to me. An example? Nowadays museums are open till 18.00 hours. We try to seduce them opening up for longer hours.
Besides politics, I am active in making radio and television programs, being a conference leader, doing presentations and writing books and articles, especially on multi-cultural items.
If I could leave an heritage of even a small contribution to a better place, a better understanding and interpretation of Islam and Muslims, I would be satisfied. Than my daughter, with Moroccan and Dutch blood, will have an even easier chance, to develop her talents in freedom.


My Experience

Being self employed fits me totally. Freedom of speech, thinking and working is my life motto. Sometimes it feels like a burden. You have to handle a lot of different tasks, caused by the different roles, a women has to fulfil. You grant your child, your husband and family using your time and creating a live of their own. At the other hand you also have to allow yourself the space to go out, to a museum or reading that lovely book.
As a self employed professional (a solopreneur in European terms) you have to offer good quality to a lot of clients. By all these demands, your mind sometimes turns into a little chaos. However, because of the fact work is so much fun, I defined tips to hold on to positive energy.



My Skills

Women are able to combine a lot of different things, to multi task. That makes them good entrepreneurs and managers. May be men are more able to focus, when doing one thing in a time. Anyway, both talents could better be combined in companies, in top and middle management levels. So women: not only enter the business world, but keep on doing your good work.


Hints & Tips

9 Tips for women to hold on to positive energy, for all the work you love so much and gives you fun:
1. Don’t be so hard to yourself
2. Don’t pitch your hopes too high
3. Good is good enough
4. Feelings of guilt are difficult to handle, grant yourself your space, as you also grant to others
5. Take each step at the time, embrace your day
6. Develop your talents
7. Be satisfied with the even slightest contribution
8. Discover yourself and who you want to be, in full freedom
9. Think your own thoughts, also out of the given patterns.

Lucky Saying
Being yourself is the only thing you can become


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