Nina Jakovljević

In just 4 years the company she owns with her sisters received quite a few high-profile peer awards.

About me

NAME: Nina Jakovljević

COUNTRY: Slovenia

CITY: Novo mesto


BACKGROUND: University education, univ. dipl. iur.





My Background and Career

Four years ago, I started a joint business with my two sisters. We originate from an entrepreneurial family and we have a desire for business autonomy in our blood. We are strongly connected, we are each successful in our field, and we all have a desire to integrate our abilities into a common story. Thus our digital agency MEDIODROM was born.
I took over the management of the company. In four years, we have secured a share of visibility, and received quite a few high-profile peer awards.
I worked at a lawyer's office for five years. Despite the intellectual challenge, I couldn't see myself in the judiciary. That is why I now work where there is no need to take sides, but it is possible to connect different stories into a whole.
In the meantime, I advised my father's company in the field of Internet, commercial and intellectual property law.
As a student, I had different jobs, from sales, promotions, to demonstrating at the Faculty of Economics. All these experiences have enriched me; they gave me an insight into the breadth and variety of professional profiles.
I am active in the civil society and NGOs. While studying I chaired ELSA Ljubljana, I worked as an assistant at a Park newsletter, in recent years I work a lot with clubs from the Novo mesto area (free legal assistance, help with promotion or volunteering in certain projects).
For the last year I help create the image of the Novo mesto and the countryside as a councilor of Solidarity party in the municipal of council.


My Experience

From today's point of view there were no specific barriers on my career path. However, on my way to where I am, I thought quite differently. Time has shown me that each of these obstacles made me richer in their own way.
For a long time I was burdened because I graduated in my 30s. My classmates were already employed for several years. I was only starting, while my peers were ahead of me. I had a very low self-esteem; I had terrible stage fright at the first court appearance, and I dreaded public speaking. Now, I see that most of the obstacles were in me. I guess I was too self-critical. Gradually I gained self-confidence. It took me time that I fully matured and only after that, there was a period of growth.
Most opportunities were offered to me and I did not strive towards them. For example, I would never stand in elections, have an independent career, presidency of the student organization ... I was lucky that I always found someone who recognized the potential in me and pushed me a little.
Now, the greatest challenge is to combine professional and family life. I want to be present in the growing up of my two children. Sometimes it is hard to leave home, and then I feel guilty. Without my partner and the assistance of my parents that certainly wouldn't be possible. I am fortunate that my partner and I are soul mates and understand each other. For us this is important from the perspective of the mutual understanding of the dynamics of our work, which makes life much easier.



My Skills

The most recognizable of my qualities is that I am a good listener. I am very emphatic. In essence, I have a more introverted personality. From an early age, I was like a sponge that soaks everything that is happening around. Ever since I learned to read, I read books a week. Each year they became thicker and thicker. Because of all the reading I perfected my writing, and that comes in handy in my business.
I was missing the external expression, the external manifestation, but I have learned this over the years. A considerable help for me was the workshop in rhetoric, where I learned how to identify the weak points and focus in and the strong ones. The rest came with the mileage. However, sometimes I still get stage fright, especially in front of larger audiences.
A good leader needs to know what is happening with each individual employee. It is important to strengthen team spirit, and being able to praise employees. That means a lot to people. I myself am convinced that what you give, you get back. This is true both for personal and business relationships.


Hints & Tips

I would like to tell other women they should not think they are in disadvantage because of their gender. Women are in my experience more diligent, accurate, we have the bigger picture, and we are more intuitive. We are the silent power, energy, but in the long term more resilient than men.
I noticed that among businesswomen there is tacit alliance, we soon connect with each other, we stick together. I think that we appreciate the success of other women more, as would a single man. Probably because we know, what sacrifices were necessary for success.
Entrepreneurship requires a whole person. If anyone can do it, a woman can. In my experience, that more liabilities you have, the more you are organized and efficient. Besides all this, we have to set goals, because only in this way we can create a route to them.
I do not have specific motivational phrases, but cruising through the (business) world I find myself often thinking of Master Sun Tsu and his quotations from the Art of War. :)




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