Barbara Humar

 An expert in franchising, a mentor in Slovenian business association CEED

About me

NAME: Barbara Humar

COUNTRY: Slovenia

CITY: Ljubljana


BACKGROUND: Higher education





My Background and Career

I'm a cofounder and a CEO of Linea Snella company. The company's main activity is marketing and management of specialized centres in lowering body weight and body shaping.
Linea Snella business model comes from Italy and has been present on the market for more than 30 years. It known to be one of the most inovative and complete business models in it's branch. It offers an above average program to its final consumers. Currently, there are 120 centres worldwide, that are following Linea Snella program - in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Brazil, Canada, Taiwan and Australia.
The company also has it own production of appliances that are patented and protected, which also gives us an additional advantage.
I started my career in Italy as a therapist, then became a head of a centre, then a head of a regional centre and after almost 20 years of work became a CEO. I acquired my professional knowledge in the international business association CEED, which enable me to skip the craftsman's level to business level.
For two mandates (2010 – 2014) I have been a president of the Slovenian franchise association (SFA) and I'm an expert in franchising. Today I'm happy to share my experience to young entrepreneurs, I'm also a mentor in Slovenian business association Ceed.


My Experience

My career developed very naturally. I was lucky to walk all the way to the top, so I got to know all the working procedures, areas of work and accumulated knowledge and experiences that helped me to grow within the company. I had many helping hands that guided me through my career.
My business partner, founder of Linea Snella, is my mentor. Many important entrepreneurs and managers of CEED association helped and mentored me after I took the position of a regional CEO. I probably would not be as successful as I am, if it weren't for them. At some point, you need to be around successful people, have access to their knowledge and experience that help you climb the stairs. As a young entrepreneur, you have professional knowledge, ideas, a vision, but being a head of a fast growing international company is a great challenge. You do not grow into a manager overnight. If you stay on the craftsman's level, company can't evolve and achieve its mission and ambition.
Harmony of family and business life is always a challenge, especially for women. Everything is possible if you have focus, are able to prioritize and organize. I believe that entrepreneurial environment does affect the family and can be a good educational moment for children.
The main factor of our success is to have a great basic idea that everybody in the process tries to evolve, achieve. I have a creative team and that is the key to a success – in that kind of environment, being an entrepreneur, a leader is a pure pleasure.



My Skills

Professional knowledge is very important when talking about competence in business. Having a lot of personal experiences is priceless – it helps me to better understand my clients. The method of Linea Snella was mainly based on my experiences. I used it in the process of problem solving and in marketing. That was also the way our organization culture was created.
All kinds of basic knowledge in different areas were also needed – that especially applies when you decide to become an entrepreneur. I'm talking about company management, accounting and finance, basic legal knowledge, HRM, marketing, etc. An entrepreneur must at the beginning learn the basics of these areas, especially if he/she doesn't have an economic or management background. When company is small and areas mutually intersect, an entrepreneur has to be good at multitasking. In my opinion, personal characteristics are more important than the knowledge. You can always learn new things but you cannot change the structure of the personality. Although, training can help you even with the letter


Hints & Tips

I don't want to make differences between men and women. Women should simply not let themselves to be bothered. If we are independent, free in our mind and spirit, sex don't play any role at all, especially not when we are deciding to go our independent way. Therefore, be brave and follow your dream! If you feel the urge to your independent way, are confident and faithful to your plan and prepared to work hard – because entrepreneurship is hard work, a way of life and also a freedom – that you should follow the calling. One should also be fully prepared and equipped, everything, all the adjustments come along later. If I sum up, business plan, a strategy, action plan and hard work are essential to continue your way to the top, sometimes  to the left or right or straight ahead. Maybe, or for certain, the path won't be the way you have imagined, but if you are prepared for obstacles, they can easily be overcome because you will be able to adjust. Entrepreneurship is very similar to life itself. The company enables entrepreneur to develop personally. Every 'true' entrepreneur is in its fundament a great human. No matter the circumstances, my moto has always been: '' Go on bravely! Always!




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