Jana Klampflová

she is experienced young woman that can influence other women of all ages

About me

NAME: Jana Klampflová

COUNTRY: The Czech Republic

CITY: Prague


BACKGROUND: University degree


POSITION: executive, consultant, lecturer, mentor

ORGANIZATION: GENDER Consulting, s.r.o


My Background and Career

For my current career was crucial topic of my bachelor thesis, which also led me to the field in which I succeed. I started my career through administrative positions, but life circumstances, the study of two universities and finding my interests and talents became the impetus for starting my own business. Threats in my case became opportunities and motivation for career growth. It is always about a point of view. Today, I consider very important to set priorities and work life balance.


My Experience

Already at the beginning of firm were given both the concept and the way of the work was organized - saving time and costs led to a home office system. At start-up was a mistake not to engage immediately a professional accountant.
Money was not the key for starting a business, rather it was about human capital.
Crucial is the constant work-life balance - in a certain period also it was the slowing of the company growth but the priorities are set, and I know what I want to achieve.
College was a key for me, but especially the fact that I found myself in the topic and wanted to develop. At the same time I also met a partner for the business.
Building relationships is key in business. Paradoxically, at the start of a business relationship, which I relied, "failed", but there were others. The best reference is a satisfied client.


My Skills

My abilities are the quick response and ability to absorb information and use it effectively, insight into the situation, creativity and the ability to get things done. Also empathy, ability to link multiple branches / areas into a meaningful whole.

I am able to use the experience and advice of others. In case of arguments I’m looking for peace. The personal development of people working with me is important. Personal development through my job is important. I like partnership building. I am able to learn and put into practice new information in my work. I know and I use the required techniques to do a good job.


Hints & Tips

Leading your company means being very flexible, responsible, self-organized, and not lose motivation, purpose and meaning. These are my personal traits, on which one still must work.
I was inspired by the idea that I can create new products and new authentic style.
There is always a way, just one must want. Entrepreneurship is for me a source of liberty, freedom, adrenaline and ultimate fulfillment.
At the same time a source of good feeling that I am doing something that has a clear meaning and impact on the surroundings.
My advice for you is not to be afraid too much and go for what you believe in.
My character helped me significantly - my idea, enthusiasm, motivation, vision, get things done attitude, talent and the fact I consider the constant training not being a necessity, but as a hobby.




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