Michaela Chytilová

she is in an unusual female economic sector, interesting professional career

About me

NAME: Michaela Chytilová

COUNTRY: The Czech Republic

CITY: Prague


BACKGROUND: University degree



ORGANIZATION: Chytilová & spol., patentová kancelář, s.r.o.


My Background and Career

In 1998 I graduated from the university and tried various jobs such as guides in tourism or leading gas station. In 2001 I joined the patent office as an assistant. Later I extended my education, passed the exams and became a patent attorney. In 2010, I established my own office in Prague, on the recommendation of my friends, which I turned into a limited company in 2014.
Bossing, which developed in a previous job, and that "provoked" me to start my own business.


My Experience

I had inspiration from myself - I necessarily wanted a change. And inspiration from my friend who asked me why not establish a company and doing what I do best.
Family stood by me and believed in me.
Without education and other learning I could not do my job.
Without relationships you can not do business.
I had to learn financial planning for a long time ahead.
During the week I live in other place than my family, and it is often difficult.
I had to learn to communicate and establish contacts with unknown people.


My Skills

I hate losing, it drives me forward.

I am able to learn and put into practice new information in my work.
I know and I use the required techniques to do a good job.
I like partnership building.
Personal development through my job is important
The personal development of people working with me is important.
I solve problems and I find solutions.
I like to have objectives and to reach my goals.
I am able to quickly make up my mind.


Hints & Tips

Every problem has a solution.
Go ahead. Choose what you do best and that further cultivate. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Learn from others.
Entrepreneurship is a great thing, but not for everyone. It should be considered that, from the moment you begin, it is only you who take responsibility for everything. And sometimes it's really hard.




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