Iva Kaplanová

she is always smiling and in a good mood and she can pass on experience she learnt from hundreds of people she met as HR manager

About me

NAME: Iva Kaplanová

COUNTRY: The Czech Republic

CITY: Hradec Králové


BACKGROUND: University degree

ACTION/SECTOR: Bank and finance



My Background and Career

The first opportunity was bet on me, the fresh graduate of hotel school. I received the offer to work at the hotel. I was trainee for first 6 months, I went through all parts of the hotel. I survived and got great experience which helped me later.
Another opportunity was my return to work after maternity leave. I got the chance again. It was shift work and without support of my partner, strong planning, coordination and will it would not work.
The opportunity to apply for the recruitment of HR Manager and later on the promotion to the position of director were great possibilities for me.
My decision to change job in my 45 years was not easy, it took me 3 years to decide. And again I got the offer to work in totally different industry. Believe me the world of finance and retail are really totally different! But it can work.
I think the threats are my weaknesses - disability to listen, low level of empathy and my preference to work as individual.
And it might be also my first partner who didn't support my decision to study university. But I have fixed it.


My Experience

You know, as HR Manager and Director you have to make from time to time some unpopular decisions.
These decisions touch people, who are at least your colleagues, sometimes your mates, friends.
It was really bad for me at the beginning of my career to balance myself.
Even today it is for me very hard not to see behind such decision the personal life of these colleagues.
I HAD TO WORK with this. Can you imagine that I spent 2 weeks at English course in the UK in my 50ties? It was great! But my parents didn't agree with my decision to go to work and to study during my employment. My orientation on delivering goals, ability to work hard and the will not to give it up are the main attributes of the fact the I have job which I like and which brings me satisfaction. My partner supports me during time as he can, for example I know, it is crazy but he accompanied my to school for 6 months after birth of our son because of breeding son. But If I decide for something I want to meet it or to deliver it.


My Skills

My strong skills are ability to work hard, orientation on delivering goals, analytical person, decision making based on facts, time management, ability to work under pressure.
I am able to quickly make up my mind. Personal development through my job is important. The personal development of people working with me is important. I schedule activities and organise myself easily. I like to have objectives and to reach my goals.


Hints & Tips

My mottos are: 1/ never, really never give it up!
2/ treat the people around you in the way how you want to be treated by them. Go ahead to meet your decision, to deliver your goal. Leadership is self learning, learning of colleagues and mutual searching of solutions and consensuses which bring the benefit/profit to the whole team.
Leader is about personality which is fair, honest, with integrity, who is inspiration and example for others, who build in others health self-awareness.
And health awareness has the ability to bring innovative ideas.




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