Irena Jůzová

… she is an original artist who can teach and who always tries to find new ways to introduce art

About me

NAME: Irena Jůzová

COUNTRY: The Czech Republic

CITY: Benátky nad Jizerou


BACKGROUND: University degree

ACTION/SECTOR: Culture, sport

POSITION: Free artist, University rector


My Background and Career

I am a visual artist, sculptor, painter, conceptualist, a graduate of the Monumental Art in years (1990 - 1994) at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, where I later defended thesis in the field of Fine Arts - Intermedia and was appointed associate professor.
In 2014, I was appointed Rector of College of Art & Design Institute in Prague, where I lead also Intermedia studio.
During my career I have received many scholarships and I have taken a part in a series of residencies, for example: Sculpture Space, INC., NY, USA, Arts Links Residencies of LBMA Video Annex, Museum of Art, Long Beach, CA, USA and the Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris. I have met many personalities in my field and all these opportunities whether personal or residency character had influence for my future development. The great opportunity for me in many ways was the participation in the International Biennale in Venice, Italy.
I experienced a period of uncertainty, when I have troubles with enrolling in the university. I was taken up at the fourth attempt and it was for me very difficult. From a longer time point of view, this experience was contrary to me a profound and have an positive impact on me that, in the sense that if a person has a dream and wants to realize it, he/she finds inside himself/herself a temporary setback of new personal qualities and refine his/her genuine interest.


My Experience

The mentioned the period of some uncertainty associated with being unenrolled to any university at the first attempt, later, after my graduation at the dream school, I came across a difficult period with almost zero sales of my works and thus gave me experience with being not well off. Another level that I had to cope with and I dealt with was gaining support through some scholarships and ways connected with scholarships abroad. At home, along with free work I have accepted to a lesser extent demands of hotels interior design.
Basically, I have not had to overcome any difficulties affecting my family in connection with my work or career, just the period around my divorce was exacting the standards. But I wanted to understand things and I visited a psychologist who directed me to the great insight into the events and understanding of the broader context. This short, but very intense way moved me very personally. I am grateful for this experience.
Obstacles are the challenges and one of them can take experience. I think I am more introvert and that I could take, for an example, as a personal obstacle. Today, I have it still, but I learned to work with that feeling. Personal barriers can also be taken maneuvering and ideological dogmas, and it is therefore necessary to cultivate a certain mental hygiene, which gradually removes these limitations


My Skills

I have no prejudices and I am using intuition.
I have communication skills, I am optimist with sense of humor.
Having hard clear goal, vision, dream, emotional stability, conscientiousness, curiosity, perseverance... - these all have helped me on my way.

I am able to use the experience and advice of other, quickly make up my mind and learn and put into practice new information in my work. I easily adapt myself to changes, spread and transmit information. I know how to manage all my activities (at work and in my private life). In case of arguments I’m looking for peace. Personal development through my job is important. I schedule activities and organise myself easily. I solve problems and I find solutions. I don’t hesitate to ask for advice.


Hints & Tips

Be prepared for a chance.
Success attracts more success.
My motto: "In the now, there is all of what you wish, there is just the need to accurately formulate it, in the presence there is force and future."
Do not doubt yourself and do not doubt your dreams, and surround yourself with people who motivate you positively in your goal. And there is always time to start, there are no limits or boundaries.
Activity is the way for an innovation, an innovation is a renewal and an introduction of something new, viable; all this leads to higher quality and invention (of work in my case), which has a potential.




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