Natela Nicoli

Natela Nicoli - with 500 Schilling in a foreign country.

About me

NAME: Natela Nicoli

COUNTRY: Austria

CITY: Graz

NATIONALITY: Austria - with Georgian roots

BACKGROUND: Academical vocal training

ACTION/SECTOR: Sports & Culture

POSITION: Founder/ President of the "Accademia Belcanto", 

ORGANIZATION: Accademia Belcanto


My Background and Career

I come from a musical family. My mother and my sister are both opera singers. I grew up in Georgia, during wartime. With 500 shillings in my pocket, I left my homecountry when I was about 20 years old, to find my own path as an opera singer in Austria. I've had many challenges to overbear to come this far and to create my own academy. Among many lucky coincidences on my way, I think that my courage to reach out to people and to focus on my goals were the basis of my success - because being in an foreign country, without any contacts and without language skills it was definetly not easy for me.

My Experience

During these first months in Austria, in which I still knew no one and tried to get auditions to draw attention to myself, I've learned that it's important to reach out to people, with good hope. And this strategy actually worked always well for me. I got to know people both in the field of opera as well as in the business world who were willing to support me



My Skills



trust in people


Hints & Tips

An opera teacher once said to me: Natela, you're really good, but YOU also have to be aware of how good you are, because otherwise it won't work out for you in Austria. 




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