Jossie Rotteveel

Dental hygienist that has let grow her own practice by specialising.

About me

NAME: Jossie Rotteveel

COUNTRY: The Netherlands

CITY: Alphen a/d Rijn


BACKGROUND: Higher Education: dental hygiene


POSITION: Owner, Manager, Dental Hygienist,


My Background and Career

I always wanted to be a medical doctor. But because my grades at school were not sufficient, I had to choose a clinic profession at a higher education institute. I became enthusiast for the profession of dental hygienist. Extra advantage: this study offered me the chance, to really quite quickly , opening my own practice, without years and years of co-doctoring in hospitals. I am active now, already for 15 years in this line of work. I combine it with one day a week, being a teacher at the academy. I work together with dentists and other specialists in referring patients, because I am specialised in the treatment of diabetic patients. There is a correlation with diabetic and dental hygiene.

My Experience

A couple of years ago, I started my practice in a partnership. One and a half year ago my partner told me, she wanted to stop. Than I had the choice: to move on by myself, or to acquire a new partner (a competitor/ colleague)? I decided to go on by myself . In the first months, I got support of a loan by my bank, bust most of all I had lovely support of my family. Also my coach and a bookkeeper helped me while setting up this solo- practice. A solo-practice is not the ‘usual way’ in my profession. Most of the dental hygienists work under one roof with a dentist. That is why I decided to specialise in the treatment of diabetic patients. At least concerning the health sector where I am in, and advertisements are ‘not done’, I practice quite innovative marketing. I was asked by entrepreneurs in my village to invest in a billboard near the soccer field. But I believe that is forbidden, and besides that do you get the right response and clients by such a statement?  So I call on family doctors in the month of November, around ‘the day of the diabetic’, to raise awareness of the correlation between dental hygiene and diabetic. Now not only dentists refer to me, also family doctors. I got a lot of very satisfied clients, probably because I can help them thoroughly. By sharing scientific articles on my facebook account, I also acquire people from Amsterdam, willing to drive 45 minutes to Alphen a/d Rijn.



My Skills

So I learned a real traditional profession, I only know things on gums the treatment and hygiene of it. It is very interesting stuff, where I want to know everything about, and I think it will fascinates me for a lot of years to come. I am able to let grow my practice being a specialist in diabetic and stay learning all the time. 32 hours a year I attend education classes, also for my Quality Mark of the dental hygienists. That mark is a guarantee for quality and reliability . If you fulfil the conditions, it gives clients a safe feeling, while coming through your doorstep. Side effect are the nice encounters with colleagues. We share our experiences. I feel it s important, to deepen your professional knowledge and skills, to be able heaving a healthy and growing practice in health!


Hints & Tips

1. Always stay courteous, to everyone. In our sector patients can be anxious, and could react not as their normal selves. Also show a courteous attitude to your suppliers and referents.

2. Respond daily your telephone, answering machine, post and email . People love quick reactions, it makes you much more professional


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