Gwendoline Teske

With her Web shop-Academy she learns web shop owners to let grow their business

About me

NAME: Gwendoline Teske

COUNTRY: The Netherlands

CITY: Amsterdam


BACKGROUND: University

ACTION/SECTOR: Technology, Education

POSITION: Owner, Manager, R&D

ORGANIZATION: www.webshop-academy.nl

My Background and Career

For people who want to let grow their web shop, my business ‘the webshop-academy.nl’ offers on line training programs. I started as entrepreneur in 2012, part- time besides my job, with a web shop in biological children’s’ dresses. Till 2014 I worked 14 years in a team in the academic medic centre AMC, as a medic biologist. I wanted to let grow my more or less hobby, and followed a lot of courses in on-line marketing and a degree ‘Master Entrepreneur’ at the Open Circles Academy. I know enough now, to be able using my talents as a researcher to design step by step online programs, to help web owners to develop themselves and their shop..I myself am continuously learning new things. Because the developments of internet are quite quick, you have to keep on studying. I like that a lot. With my success in providing on-line courses and individual advice, I can add value, by translating my knowledge to help others

My Experience

I experience now the profound feeling of the happiness of direct results. People tell me now: ‘we succeeded in receiving a better turnover!’, when I helped them step by step to working more focused on results. I gave them tips and tricks, to remove barriers for their clients which unconsciously prevents them, to make the shopping decision. And that helps directly                

Earlier, when I worked in a team on AMC, the visibility of results were much more complicated to view. Of course you were busy with healing people, however more indirectly in the first research phase. It is then a challenge to keep motivated to seeing the big picture. Furthermore, by the budget cuts in health science, that is becoming even more difficult. Promising research plans are sometimes piled, even put in the lowest drawer. That makes that you can less, be the director of your own success, in my former work environment.                                                

For me, the new way of working is, combining the education of my children with working for my own company and cooperation with other self-employed. And I keep on learning. Lovely



My Skills

I still use my researcher’s skills. I help people with focussing their mindsets. I like to write, as well as for designing the online training courses, for the feed back to my clients after for instance Skype sessions, as well as for blogging. Presenting myself/ selling myself and my company in real life, for instance for a camera, is a skill, which I still have to develop much more. I feel for scientists, in the Netherlands, but maybe worldwide, promoting themselves is an issue, they are not used to do it! May be it is even "not done"?                                                                

I want to become thé go-to-person in web-shop-land in the Netherlands and her surroundings. A beautiful step towards  that goal was an assignment of the Chamber of Commerce, to act as a specialist in their information video ‘how to start your web shop’  , which they present on their site. I myself focus on: becoming a happy and successful inspiration and role model (especially for my children and the people around me).More related to work, I focus on: a successful online education- and trainings bureau, where you go to, to make your dreams come true.  If my business has the same or better results, the upcoming three months, I will hire my first Virtual Assistant


Hints & Tips

Of course you must be active, but work effective. You only live once, so take care of achieving the things you want and need. As entrepreneur, cooperate in a network with other entrepreneurs. Share your experiences, knowledge and contacts. Ask for help and a breakthrough by others, when you walk in circles.


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