Leader of a social inclusion building group, also regional executive

About me




BACKGROUND: University

ACTION/SECTOR: INDUSTRY - Building Construction and Public Works sector



My Background and Career

I grew up near Toulouse and attended public school, I studied at University and attended a workshop in an associative business for social inclusion, in the same field as GEIQ and then I was employed. 6 months after, the director resigned and I was asked to take his place. After that I was asked to run GEIQ  (Group of Employer for Integration and Qualification), which includes companies of the Building Construction and Public Works sector - a mostly male profession - and which, for them, recruits and trains long term unemployed people. This innovating form of business allows companies to pool jobs, and the employees to benefit from a full-time contract, while obtaining skills training. Today we are 3 permanent staff.  We support 47 young employees and trainees in 53 member companies of the association. I recently took over, at a regional level, the task of volunteer facilitator/coordinator of the entire network of such companies.

My Experience

Social: When you work in a man's field, you always have to prove more and it's difficult to be taken seriously. I must say that having a leadership position when we are young, I was 23 years old, and supervising older people who were more experienced, it is not easy to be recognised.

But with a little tact, a participatory approach and hard work, you get there. 

Family: I find it difficult to spare time for my 2 kids. Luckily my husband is very helpful and he is the one looking after them so we have to cope with the social prejudice: people don't like men staying at home while the wife is working!



My Skills

I try to learn and improve my skills all the time. I'm very responsive, dynamic and determined. I never give up. Furthermore, I defend and respect ethical values, moral, human while undertaking seems essential. I can't imagine working alone. We are a team and I always say "we" when I talk about my work. It's s so much more interesting to cooperate and to belong to a network! Partnership working brings reflection, questioning is necessary to move forward.  I have the ability to learn and adapt to change. I am attentive to others, personal development and that of my team members are important throughout the work. I like to set goals and find solutions to problems.

Hints & Tips

Lucky Saying: if you want, you can

Be in total harmony with your choices. Seek advice, don't stay alone when you have to decide something. Never remain still, just walk forward, invent and enhance your project every day but remain within your goals. And never give up, just find solutions when you have a problem.



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