We both run "Up Radio“ a web radio, innovative, artists on the new scene

About me




BACKGROUND: University




My Background and Career

Céline and Yolande, young executives, have created a innovative web radio: "Up Radio ". In this mostly male-lead universe, they decided to engage in creating their radio station, despite young radio's economic fragility. They daily choose to broadcast poorly known contemporary artists and thereby enable their recognition. It is with passion that these two young women are looking for quality artists and developing a broadcasting programme for the enjoyment of all.
Céline: I grew up in Toulouse and studied Law and Healthcare at university, I met Yolande who was working at a radio station and I decided to commit myself to that group benevolently ten years ago. I then was engaged and worked for several radio stations. They all imposed their limits and point of view on me and that made me totally unhappy so we decided to create our own radio, the way we wanted it.   
Yolande : I attended high school and ended up in university studying Law, Then I had the opportunity to work in Spain for two years, When I came back I worked in several fields (shops, handicapped people etc). I worked in my first radio station 15 years ago and I ended up manager in the cultural district. I met many artists and this made me feel eager to create my own radio station. Today, we have an average of 2000 listeners per day, our record: 24100 in one day. We have 900 artists in rotation and over 6000 titles.

My Experience

Being a female manager in media fields is very difficult. People never take you seriously. We had to struggle quite a lot, and when you achieve your goal, you have to deal with opportunists who want to take advantage of you and make you lose time and money.

Family: It was hard to convince our families who were frightened and it took us sometime to prove our capacities but at the same time that was quite stimulating.  

Economics: We knew everything about the technical aspects but nothing about management so we had to form a management structure daily, business internet creation and management of a site. We started this project with only our skills, our will and our energy.
If being women we won some early reflections, it was not an obstacle for us. On the contrary, for example, some media have relayed our existence because this was a project led by women. Against this, we had to reframe our message to being a project led by women and not a feminist project.


My Skills

Networking, relating to others, being able to adapt our way of working to the situation, our enthusiasm and self confidence. We know how to find solutions to problems and have a good command of our technical knowhow. We seek advice and use the experience of others. For both of us, our personal achievement is important in our work.

Hints & Tips

Lucky Saying: They didn't know it was impossible so they did it" Mark Twain

Make sure you know exactly what your goal is. Take the time to think about your project and imagine what it can become. Don't be afraid, just do it. Take care of your network. Be aware of your weaknesses and ask for help to the right person....but make decisions!  Be strong because your new project will be very demanding . Be ambitious but never forget about human beings.



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