Maria Tsiota-Markou

Successful, restless politian; Deputy Mayor in Culture & Construction Sector

About me

NAME: Maria Tsiota-Markou


CITY: Peristeri


BACKGROUND: Continuing Professional Education

ACTION/SECTOR: Politics / Governement, Culture and Sport

POSITION: Deputy Mayor

ORGANIZATION: Municipality of Peristeri


My Background and Career

I was born and raised in Peristeri city, a western suburb of Athens. I am married and I have two children.  I have accounting knowledge and I speak English. Since 1986 I have owned a factory, which specialises in the manufacture of toys. Moreover, since 1990 I actively participate in associations and institutions with sporting and cultural activity. In 1995 I was elected as a Board member of the athletic club “PALASKAS” and from 2000 until today I have been the Board President. In 2003 I was selected as the head of the Olympic Games Office – Municipality of Peristeri city and I collaborated with many volunteers. Additionally, I am a founding member and president of the Association “Friends of Museum”, which is an association that aims to return all the objects found in excavations where they belong. In 2003 I was selected from the city council as a board member for the Athletic Organisation and for the Municipal Cultural Development. In addition, In October of 2006 I was elected as a city counsellor. From January of 2007 until now I am Deputy Mayor in the sector of culture and construction projects. Furthermore, over these years, projects that totally cost €40.000.000 were implemented through National Strategic Reference Framework (N.S.R.F) financing and through Government investment. In between, Municipal Conservatory, theatrical and artistic workshops, and dance lessons were delivered. In 2010 the renovated Public Library and the City University opened their doors for the public with great impact.

My Experience

Which kind of problems did you have to overcome to be where you are today?
Financial: Changes in the economic environment over time; in addition, economic instability does not allow for any future prospect assessment
Family: Shared understanding among all family members (husband and wife and children) has prevented any family problems from arising
Personal: Lack of leisure time
What did help you the best in your trajectory?
My family, the education and training and my character


My Skills

Among my competences, I easily adapt myself to changes. I am a good communicator. I listen and I pay attention to other people’s problems. I like partnership building. My personal development through my job is important. The individual development of people working with me is important.  In case of arguments I look for peaceful solutions. I solve problems and I find solutions. I like to have objectives and to reach my goals.

Among my qualities I’m active, persistent, optimistic, fast, confident, creative and organised


Hints & Tips

My lucky phrase is: I just think before I speak

People striving for goals and ideals; people who have made a difference in life; great authors, poets and archeologists; women working in administration and management; presidents and prime ministers; successful entrepreneurs who have progressed in their career by pursuing a vision

My advice to other women: Optimism, strength, courage and honesty should be principal assets to success; otherwise, success is devoid of meaning. Efforts should be constant, never giving way to feelings of disappointment. Tomorrow will always be a better day!

Assets to be developed: Wit, good judgement, optimism, strength, seriousness

Weaknesses to overcome:  Over-cautiousness; risk-taking




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