Agnieszka Szwarc

Sworn translator, works in European Parliament

About me

NAME: Agnieszka Szwarc


CITY: Rzeszów


BACKGROUND: University

ACTION/SECTOR: Politics / Government

POSITION: Assistant Member of the European Parliament

ORGANIZATION: European Parliament

My Background and Career

Since the beginning of the study (in Poland Applied Linguistics, Translation and International Management Specialist Three-Language in France) I worked as a teacher and translator of English and French. In 2010,  I took over a 6-month practice as an assistant project manager in the company which organises trips and conferences for companies - Preference Events in Paris. I work remotely for the French company Nomen - dealing with naming and branding of products, and the translation agency mLingua. Since April of last year, I am an assistant Member of the European Parliament to Mrs. Elizabeth Łukacijewskiej.



My Experience

Personal. Which ones?
Perseverance, tenacity in pursuit of goals.

Opportunities and threats which had a strong influence on my career.

Opportunities: high motivation, balanced perfectionism, diligence in carrying out tasks, creativity, determination, drive to the objective having a vision, an open mind, emotional stability, readiness to take risks, independence, people-oriented, sense of control, the ability to mediate and interact with people, usually great education, practical experience, the intellectual level, the responsibility for decisions, energy, curiosity, adapting to change, communication skills, good planning.

Threats: empathy, too much ambition, stereotypical thinking that a man can do more, fear of the potential less favorable treatment, indifference, indulgence, more insightful evaluation in the work, excessive perfectionism, tenderness.

My Skills

I schedule activities and organise myself easily.
I solve problems and I find solutions.
I like to have objectives and to reach my goals.
I am able to quickly make up my mind.
I know how to manage all my activities (at work and in my private life).


Hints & Tips

 Suggestions and advice to give to women :

Women should first of all firmly believe in their strength and never let them tell you that they are in any way inferior to men. Actions should be based on partnership and on the requirement of each other. But the recipe for success is also not to be afraid to ask for advice and help when needed. You should still invest in yourself and your development. Read, watch, look, absorb. Do not pay attention to the criticism of others and do not break down because of any failure. And once again strongly believe in yourself.      

Assets to be developed: I'm not an entrepreneur, but if I was, it would certainly focus on supporting various foundations that help women and children suffering from cancer, and animals.
As the president of a large company, I'm sure much of my attention has focused on investing in human resources (training courses) and any initiatives related to raising the motivation of team building. And of course, the open door policy- also from my point of view would be a very important issue.


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