Anna Niedzielska

Dancer, trainer,founder of Aksel- Dance School for children

About me

NAME: Anna Niedzielska



BACKGROUND: University

SECTOR: Culture/Sport/ Volunteering

POSITION: Owner, Manager




My Background and Career

I have graduated faculty of German language , but my career has gone on a completely different direction. As a child I loved to dance and have been interested in dance. But my adventure with dance began rather late, as a teenager. Due to health problems, I could not continue to study dance, so all my strength, power and actions I directed to gain trainer’s license. So I became a professional sports trainer-instructor of ballroom dancing. At the same time  i started working with children and youth. After a while, I decided to create my own club-School Dance Sport AKSEL, which has been running for nearly 20 years. Initially, to school attended about 20 people,  currently trains nearly 80 licensed dance couples  and dancers, recreational and hobby groups. At school, I am the manager / instructor, responsible for substantial form of learning. Apart from me, in school works also other instructors (our pupils). We cooperate with consultants and experts-world authorities in the dance, championship pairs are very particular about the development and improvement of skills of our students. In addition to training work, I organize the whole life of the school, decide the plans for trials, tournaments, working with parents and the coaching staff, I assure pedagogical and educational care.
Socially, for many years, I actively work for Polish Society of Dance-PTT-regional level, and recently I am the president in a branch Podkarpackie Voivodship and I am a member of the Presidium of the General Board.


My Experience

Which kind of problems did you have to overcome to be where you are today? & Q6 What did help you the best in your trajectory? Deciding factors of success.

 I always comprehend my work as a form of realization of my passion and love for dance, movement, people - it was a priority for me. Lead alone dancing schools, especially in the beginning it was not an easy task. A little bit stems from my personality traits, I'm a shy person, but also stubborn, constantly striving for the objective. On the other hand, I have to admit that from the very beginning I wasn’t oriented for  profit and commercialism. In my business, priority is sports, artistic activities and social and that the way I manage to keep from this family and be economically independent-it makes me even more motivated for further action. To be successful in your actions need to be fully involved in it.


My Skills

Ease of transfer vital information, the ability to listen. Help to solve other people's problems, to build and strengthen partnerships, problem solving, facility in decision making. Ability to organize time and manage responsibilities in professional life and family life. Do not hesitate to ask for help and advice of others. Patience and perseverance in their activities. Practically any conditions, focus on quality, high performance style, openness to others


Hints & Tips

SENTENCE OF LUCK: Seeing the good in others and recognize their potential. Second - believe that dreams come true. Third - do everything with heart and
commitment, definitely put on quality.

Your advices to other women who want to start a business
All the girls, ladies, women planning or wishing to take any form of business I would like to say that women, I know this from my own experience, they are very diligence and have great intuition, which helps and guides us well. You have to believe in yourself and your own abilities and courage to present your views and opinion. Women have certain inborn conscientiousness, so we are predisposed to recognize our work, business and develop in the right direction, even in small steps, but always moving forward ... Belief in yourself, pugnacity, style of action that makes us able to independently succeed.



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