Stavroula Christodoulou

First to run a foreign language school in a small village

About me

NAME: Stavroula Christodoulou


CITY: Makryrachi, Pilion


BACKGROUND: High Studies


POSITION: Owner / Director

ORGANIZATION: Language School


My Background and Career

I was born in 1980. I graduated in English and certified as a teacher in English language.
In 2002, I decided to establish my own language education centre in my village in Makryrachi, Pilion, Greece. The village is a mountain village in the Pilion mountain (Magnisia, Central Greece) with 2.500 inhabitants (including surrounding villages).
Opportunities: I had the chance to set up my own Foreign Language Centre
Threats: Unfair competition between the similar centres in urban and rural areas.

My Experience

My decision was not easy. I had to overcome financial problems mainly insufficient funds available, but I feel like a pioneer in the set-up of a language education centre in my own village in a rural-mountainous area. Fortunately I had full, moral and financial, family support against unfair competition with other language centres. Much of my personal life was spent in meeting my target. I never experienced social discrimination. I had the help and support of my family and continuous education and training. A significant role in my career has been my personal and professional acquaintances.


My Skills

Among my competences, I am able to learn and put into practice new information in my work, I am a good communicator, my personal development through my job is important, the personal development of people working with me is important, in case of arguments I’m looking for peace, I coordinate and motivate the staff, I like to work as a team. I solve problems and I find solutions. I am able to quickly make up my mind. I know how to manage all my activities (at work and in my private life). I don’t hesitate to ask for advice. I am able to use one’s experience and advices. Among my qualities, I am very ambitious, active, progressive, critical, innovative, open-minded, analytic, patient and democratic


Hints & Tips

Lucky saying or phrase -  Carpe diem

I think Mr Durrant, my teacher, helped me a lot to become as competent as I could in English language and showed me what a most effective language teaching method involves.
As long and hard the road to success might be, a woman will certainly reach her target if she is determined to work with love and passion for what she truly desires.

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