Anna Maria Dukat

Owner of Ducat training company, works with disabled women

About me

NAME: Anna Maria Dukat


CITY: Legionowo


AGE: 35

BACKGROUND: University  / Continuing professional education

ACTION/SECTOR: Services, Education, Voluntary Sector

POSITION: Owner/Manager

ORGANIZATION: “Dukat” Company

My Background and Career

To get such work experience that I have right now, I  experienced a lot. Shortly after graduating from high school I left my home town  to study and have a career in the capital. After temporary employment  as an office worker I started working in a car dealership as a specialist for insurance and loans. This work has given me a wonderful schooling and employment experience in a reputable company at a responsible position. After several years of working in the automotive world the company board  appreciated my skills and I got offered the post of director of large company loans of financial intermediation. Unfortunately, although I was happy to work in this company, it didn't last long because of a road accident in which I was a victim. Then my professional life was destroyed. Medical committee ruled moderate disability in my state of health, and here began the proverbial staircase taking up employment. Fortunately, thanks to my strength, creativity, and friends’ help I was able to set up and run my own business and went back to college to continue learning and improve skills. Now my company is already appreciated in the market business and I finished a PhD and working on getting a doctoral degree. The company "Dukat" was established in 2004. "I could not work on-time, so I founded my own business. It also gives me independence. I am a single mum of a son and this is important.


My Experience

Economic. Which ones? obtain any information relating to the financing of the project and help to complete the formalities to get the money and work in your own business.

Family. Which ones? single mum needs to be organised and plan time to not concentrate on work responsibilities the the detriment of the  child.

Personal. Which ones? a complete change of way of thinking, attitudes and priorities.

Social (discriminations…). Which ones? A disabled person is, unfortunately, still perceived as weaker to whom you have too show pity rather than as an equal partner in the business

Opportunities: independent work time. The possibility of adapting the work to private life and motherhood, Besides pursuing own business women achieve their own plans so that work brings them not only income but also the pleasure of working.

Threats: lack of stability of the economy of our country and, unfortunately, the financial situation of society as a result of ever higher unemployment. high levels of responsibilities and things to do in the early stages of business development. Women in those moments face the enormity of the work and cases for hearing on her head


My Skills

I schedule activities and organise myself easily.
I solve problems and I find solutions.
I like to have objectives and to reach my goals.
I am able to quickly make up my mind.
I know how to manage all my activities (at work and in my private life).
I don’t hesitate to ask for advice.
I am able to use the  experience and advice of others.
I easily adapt myself to change.
I know and I use the required techniques to do a good job.
I easily spread and transmit information.
I listen and I pay attention to other people problems.
I like partnership building.
Personal development through my job is important
The personal development of people working with me is important.


Hints & Tips

Lucky Saying: "Success comes only to those who act while others await its coming."

Did some thing give you inspiration for your project / action / enterprise?

After the accident, disability limits my ability to find a job in accordance with education and even other work so I decided to take the matter itself in my hands and at the same time to be an entrepreneur and do the work that gives me fulfillment and satisfaction and help other people with the degree of disability also find a job to grow and improve professionally.

Suggestions and advice to give to women :

When analysing the issue of enterprises run by women one advantage would be the flexibility of time management. The possibility to adjust work to private life and maternity play an important role here. Apart from that, by conducting their own business activity women implement their own intentions and that is why work brings them  not only profit but also satisfaction. One disadvantage I could mention would be the heavy workload at the initial stages of establishing a new business. A woman in this time has numerous tasks to complete and has to get a lot of things done. Only when an enterprise reaches a stability level can a woman arrange in her daily schedule a period of time designated especially for her needs.
An opportunity for enterprising women would be the fact that days of so called “gainful employment” are over. Now potential customers perceive the products for sale or services rendered in a different way. Now people’s mentality has changed and they are attracted by pleasure and prosperity and that is why the range of business opportunities is limitless. At present the threat for enterprising women is the lack of stability of the economy in our country and, unfortunately, the deteriorating economic conditions of the society attributable to the increasingly higher unemployment.



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