Maria Fontecha

Don´t  give up  on the countryside

About me

NAME: Maria Fontecha


CITY: Madrid


BACKGROUND: Administrations and Business Management




My Background and Career

After graduating in Administration and Business Management from the City University of Seattle, I worked from 2001 running the personnel department of a company of over 300 employees.
In 2009 there was a radical change, after which I started to manage the family business Marjaliza dedicated to cattle farming, encouraging the breeding and improvement of the Manchego sheep breed, and the cultivation of almonds and ecological olives, as well as the production of ecological olive oil in the oil mill of the company.

My Experience

Problems: The biggest problems I faced in the workplace have been familial, since generational changes within a company are not easy.

Success factors: the key to the development of the business was to invest in the company. It is also very important having the support of your loved ones to succeed

Sources of inspiration: The inspiration came from my parents.



My Skills


Competences: I think I have the ability of bringing peace in cases of conflict. I can coordinate and motivate the staff and people close to me. I consider myself a person who plans easily. Besides, I like to set goals and objectives, and I believe I am humble enough to not hesitate in asking for advice, and for using the experience and the advice of others. I consider myself an empathetic and enthusiastic person.


Qualities: I am a very active and persistent person. I am optimistic, flexible and practical. I am also very patient, creative and organized.


Hints & Tips

Piece of advice: The challenge of overcoming, personal satisfaction and imagination to do something new and creative.



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