Raquel Marcen Jimeno

A young chef with her own restaurant

About me

NAME: Raquel Marcen Jimeno


CITY: Zaragoza


BACKGROUND: Secondary school, Continuous Vocational Training



ORGANIZATION: Meli Melo Restaurant 


My Background and Career

Before joining the TOPI catering collage, where I did my studies in cooking, I worked at several fast food and tapas restaurants. At the end of my studies, I joined the staff in several restaurants of a higher category and I did the practice outside the peninsula. On my return, I settled in one of the best restaurants of Zaragoza until I decided to start my own business in 2005 called Meli Melo, in which I currently have up to 5 workers, depending on the season.

My Experience

Economical problems: I had these problems because I didn’t have a strong economic base, so I had to take out a loan and get social benefits that suited me.

Family problems: Moving aroused uneasiness that a young female leaves a steady job to embark on a Project without any security, my family didn’t raise any problem.

Personal problems: My personal problems were my own fears of such a project and the fact of not knowing if I could pull it off. The struggle between the “I want but, can I?”.

Social problems: Actually I had no serious problem of discrimination; unfortunately, my youth linked to the fact of being a woman who created mistrust, but I can’t say that I had a real problem from it.

Keys of success: My family has been the secret of my success. Without them, I wouldn’t have achieved it, I wouldn’t be where I am and I wouldn’t be the person I am. My education was also very important, as I consider my grounding as something basic and essential. I also think that my character has helped me because I try to satisfy everyone to the extent that I can, and that is vital in a business.
Source of inspiration: What helped me boost my current activity was the thought that if you want, you can.


My Skills

Competences: I think I have a great ability to learn and apply new knowledge in my work, and I adapt easily to change. I listen and pay attention to the problems of others, and I like working with other people. I also like working in a team. I always try to bring peace in cases of conflict, because I like the negotiation and that everyone leave satisfied. I consider myself able to solve problems and find solutions, and I can make a decision quickly when needed. I also don’t hesitate in asking for advice, and I am able to use the experience and advice of others. I consider myself as an honest person, and I try to ensure that people who are close to me are always at ease, because I can’t stand hostility in the workplace.
Qualities: I consider myself as a modest person, very active and talkative, cooperative, persistent and confident. I am very practical, flexible and open-minded. I also think that I am quite risky and fast in my decisions.


Hints & Tips

My advice to anyone would be that if they want to, don’t let it pass. They have to be well informed of all possible ways, and make a real and serious project. Once you have all of that, never have a closed mind, because there is also the possibility that it doesn’t end up okay. In that case, they have to try not to take it as a failure, but as a life experience.
Entrepreneurship is a good experience as long as this is done thoughtfully and with the hope of overcoming of oneself. If the main reason to become an entrepreneur is not having a boss, or it’s their best current option, I think they should discard it as an idea, because I think they will fail.
I think that one of the biggest challenges to overcome when you start a project is realizing that you have to be constantly changing and learning all aspects of life, not only the professional part. You have to try to evolve and learn from your mistakes.


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