Pilar Fiteni Mera

Doing engineering, civil and industrial projects

About me

NAME: Pilar Fiteni Mera


CITY: Zaragoza


BACKGROUND: High studies

ACTION/SECTOR: Industrial and roads engineering

POSITION:Business woman



My Background and Career

I was born in Leon but I was educated in Zaragoza. In Zaragoza University I obtained the title of Industrial Engineer. Later, in the Polytechnic University of Madrid, I graduated in Roads, Channels and Ports Engineering. After working as an engineer for other companies, in 1999 I founded Prodia S.L. At present, I am the only member and manager of this company in charge of four people. My activity has always developed in the field of Engineering of projects, civil and industrial work and in this area I’ve run projects of great importance and budgets, such as the bridge of Orusund Switzerland-Denmark or the renovation of the University Clinic Hospital Lozano-Blesa and Royo Villanova among many others. As associate professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department related to the University of Zaragoza I’m involved in training tasks. I’ve also collaborated with this university giving some courses financed by the European Social Fund about companies’ management and organization.

My Experience

The main problems I’ve had to overcome are of personal and family nature. The work has taken up nearly all my time at my private life’s expense. I’ve had to sacrifice time for my children and my personal life. They start to reproach it and socially, hard-working women are also penalised. A man who works a lot and sacrifices his personal and familiar life, produces a lot of pity and receives support; but a woman who does the same (as my case), does it because she likes it and she doesn’t have the right to complain. Also in my case, the fact that I worked in a traditional male field such as the building and public work has been an obstacle.  
I attribute my success to my background, on one hand, and to my personality, on the other hand. I also recognise my social support and the role which my friends and relatives have played.


My Skills

About my competences and skills, I think that:
• I learn easily, and I put new knowledge into practice in my job.
• I know the necessary techniques to do my job better and I use them.
• In case of conflicts, I bring peace.
• I can coordinate and motivate the staff and the people in my closer environment.
• I like negotiating and that everybody is satisfied.
• I plan activities and I organize myself easily.
• I solve problems and find solutions.
• I like setting goals and reaching them.
• I would highlight, in particular, that I have a great capacity of synthesis and I am very rational.
According to my qualities, I would define myself as an ambitious, active, persistent, open-minded, organized, synthetic, practical, and quick person. I am optimistic, trustful, and innovative, but also sensible.



Hints & Tips

I would give a woman the same advices that I would give a man: be educated as well as possible, surround yourself with good workers, learn how to sell, set goals and don’t give in. But, if she is a woman, I would add: good luck!
According to my experience, I would say that in our country entrepreneurship is entirely penalised but I consider that it is essential because it develops the belief that nothing is impossible and that everything has a solution.
To reach a satisfactory conclusion, any company has to overcome the shyness, the passivity and the awareness that you are not supported by a company, but by yourself.


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