Esther Millan

Has a project for supporting children and women in India

About me

NAME: Esther Millan


CITY: Zaragoza


BACKGROUND: High Studies

ACTION/SECTOR: Public services/Education/Science

ORGANIZATION: Association “Amigos de Subhadra Mahatab Seva Sadan”

POSITION: NGO’s Founder and Responsible

ORGANIZATION: Association Amigos de Odisha

My Background and Career

I was born in 1953 and my life as a student and professional has been developed in Zaragoza. In 1983 I got my PhD in Physical Sciences and, subsequently, I have developed my career between the experience and the teaching of this discipline applied to Health Sciences. I held different jobs related to the University of Zaragoza and the University Teaching Hospital Lozano Blesa where I carried out my specialisation in Hospital Radiation. In line with the practice of my profession, I’ve got closely involved in a project of development and support for the childhood, the women and the disadvantages minorities in India. In 1997, I contacted the Indian institution Subhadra Mahatab Seva Sadam (SMSS) and learned about its activities related to the childhood. Soon after this, I started to collaborate with them until establishing in 1999 the Association of “Friends of Subhadra Mahatab Seva Sadam” (ASMSS), now “Friends of Odisha”, which marked the beginning of the programme of children sponsorship of SMSS. My partner and I have adopted three girls.

My Experience

The course during these years has not been easy because of the great cultural difference between us, such as the language of our friends from Odisha, and also because of the familiar and work burden which, in many occasions, has limited my time commitment to this project. However, the affection I feel for this country and its people has overcome all the obstacles I’ve found.
I think what has helped me to reach my current position is, on the one hand, my education and my training and, on the other hand, my personality and my character. If someone has guided my path is undoubtedly Vicente Ferrer, founder of the institution that carry his name and whose work in India has been a source of inspiration for me.


My Skills

I consider that my main skills or qualities regarding my own initiative are that I easily adapt myself to any change, I have a gift for sharing and passing on any information, I like to collaborate with other people and work in a team. I also draw up plans for any activity and I organise myself easily. I am quick in taking decisions and I like to set goals in order to reach them. In any case, I am able to use my experience and other people’s advice. I consider myself as a progressive, cooperative and open person. I’m also active, practical, organised and persistent. I’m quite optimistic, self-confident and creative but also sensible and analytic.


Hints & Tips

My main advice is to carry on if you have a clear idea about the aims you want to reach.
According to my experience, I consider that undertaking a new project makes someone become more flexible, more agile to correct different situations and favours the intercultural understanding. It calls for overcoming difficult moments without giving in and also when facing financial problems or any spurious interests that appear in every project.

NGO’s Founder and Responsible

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