Celia Sanches-Ramos Roda

Supporting the translation of scientific knowledge to society

About me

NAME: Celia Sanches-Ramos Roda


CITY: Zaragoza


BACKGROUND: High Studies

ACTION/SECTOR: Researcher in vision sciences/patents design

POSITION: Director of the Optometry and Visión Department of the Neuro-Computation and Neuro-Robotics Lab in the Universidad Complutense of Madrid / Inventor

COMPANY: Complutense University of Madrid

My Background and Career

I was born in 1959. I graduated with a degree in Pharmacy and I obtained a diploma in Optics and Optometry in the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM). In that university I got my doctorate in Preventive Medicine and Public Health. I am also Doctor of Vision Sciences from the European University and in 2012 I was sworn in as “Doctora Honoris Causa” from the International University Menendez Pelayo (UIMP) because of my support in the transfer of scientific knowledge to the society.
I am a Senior Lecturer in the UCM and I manage four topics in University Expert related to the Visual Function. At the moment, I am running the Optometry and Vision Department. I’ve created different groups of investigation in the university area. I am founder and investigator of the Laboratory of Neuro-Computing and Neuro-Robotics and I lead national as well as international Projects of Investigation in the Public Health area.
I am an inventor of 13 families of patents (448 registers) related to the Retinal Neuroprotection, with Ocular Biometry and Road Safety. I am founder of the Spinoff technological enterprises “High Efficiency Technology” and “Factory I+D”.
My professional work has been recognised by the United Nations Organization with the Prize to the Best Inventor of the year 2009; In 2010, I was the first Spanish woman in being awarded due to a system of recognition through cornea, with the gold medal of the Great Prize of Inventions of Geneva (Switzerland). In 2012, I was awarded between “The TOP 100 Leader Women”.

My Experience

I was lucky to receive a good education and training, something that is essential for the development of someone’s capacities. In my case, my professional development was due to the fact of having accessed to a university teaching and investigator degree. In order to get there, I had to overcome certain obstacles; for instance, the fact that in the beginning, the economic resources to investigate were insufficient. The illogical and excessive bureaucracy doesn’t help. Besides, the fact of having to combine my professional and personal life requires a great effort. On many occasions, I’ve felt that I had no time for myself and my own personal care. In some moments of my life, I haven’t felt the social support necessary at the beginning of my professional career. However, I have always counted on the support of my family, something I consider essential. My personality has helped me to overcome different challenges: my strengths, perseverance, and being able to communicate and adapt myself to the environment have helped me a lot. The professional and personal relationships have been an important asset. The inspiration to reach this point has been encouraged by the knowledge acquired during my learning; but, moreover, I have an intrinsic need to provide solutions to exiting problems, which drives me to act. Specifically, my determination is to propose and look for solutions to promote avoidable blindness.


My Skills

Among my competences, I could point out that I learn easily and I put into practice the new knowledge in my job; I adapt to changes easily, and I am able to coordinate and motivate staff and the people around me. I like team work, and I share the information with other people. I plan the activities, and I organise myself easily. I can solve problems and find solutions, although I don’t hesitate to ask for advice. In fact, I use the experience and advice from other people. I am also able to make quick decisions and I know how to handle all my activities. Perseverance and persistence are other of my virtues. It motivates me to find an answer to problems, although I think it is also very important to have an adequate environment, which allows and makes it easier to put projects into practice and create new innovative enterprises.
Among my qualities, I am a very active, persistent, optimist, innovative, practical, quick, open-minded, self-confident and forward-looking person. Moreover, I think I am quite ambitious, more critical than dogmatic, quite risky, and a bit impatient. I am also quite organised and creative, and more flexible than rigid.


Hints & Tips

Lucky saying or phrase – “The best is the enemy of the good” and “What doesn’t add up, take away”.
Although I didn’t wrote them, I use the following maxims: “the best is enemy of the good” and “what doesn’t add, takes away”.
In addition to the importance of the environment, both familiar and social, in order to encourage individual development and his/her capacity to innovate, good training is essential, as well as a good education that motivates you to keep on investigating. You have to overcome both social and personal barriers that hold changes back. The capacity to adapt to the environment, a forward-looking approach, optimism and perseverance, are qualities that make it easier to carry out a project.

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