Luisa Franchina

Franchina Luisa is an electrical engineer, she worked in public administration with leadership roles and is now an entrepreneur.

About me

NAME: Luisa Franchina


CITY: Rome)



ACTION/SECTOR: Sciences, Health, Research & Technology

POSITION: Coordinator in Office of Critical Infrastructure Protection of the Presidency of the Council from 2010 to 2013.

ORGANIZATION: Presidency of the Council


My Background and Career

I am an electrical engineer and entrepreneur.
I chose to become an engineer to be able to talk with my father, who was also an engineer. I thought that only the engineers were able to understand the world.
My mother was the first woman to become Prefect in Italy and this is why I initially refused to work in the Public Administration, since I wanted to avoid confrontation with her, but finally I worked in Public Administration and it was a wonderful experience.
I graduated in Engineering at the University La Sapienza of Rome in 1992.
I have been a researcher for 10 years ,Ph.D and Post-doctoral.


My Experience

In 2003, I was appointed General Director at the Ministry of Communications with a technical role. I directed the National Institute of Communications until 2006, then I was in charge of coordinating the CBNRe Response Team against chemical, biological, nuclear and radioactive attacks at the National Department of Civil Protection in Presidency of the Council of Ministers and I coordinated the Office of Critical Infrastructure Protection of the Presidency of the Council from 2010 to 2013.
Currently I’m an entrepreneur and I started my own company that provide service and consultancy in the field of Risk Management.
During my career I realized that some men simply don’t accept that a woman can be a leader or a “boss”. They do not consider it at all. They are friendly, but they don’t "see" the position, but only the appearance ,this happens especially with men over 50, in Italy and abroad.
Nowadays, the vast majority of men has metabolised the entry of women into the job market, except a few pockets of resistance in the Public Administration. However the main difficulties I met are with women themselves: women are pathologically ambitious and, unfortunately, terribly envious.



My Skills

During my career I was able to face obstacles and challenges thanks to some skills that I think are essential: first, to be authoritative, I got this capacity by constant study and trying to never be unprepared about my work and second, humility, that allowed me to learn constantly.


Hints & Tips

I recommend to all women not to be discouraged, stay committed to what they do and to be as specific as possible in targeting their goals.


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