Lenka Kousková

she is very experienced in balancing professional and personal life, she knows how to get started and to succeed

About me

NAME: Lenka Kousková

COUNTRY: The Czech Republic

CITY: Prague


BACKGROUND: University degree

ACTION/SECTOR: Bank and Finance

POSITION: regional director

ORGANIZATION: Fincentrum a.s.


My Background and Career

My first maternity leave gave me the time to think what type of business I want to do. The biggest opportunity I saw was the immediate and daily possibility for self education and self improvement. The threat was the absence of a mentor and coach at the beginning of my career without possibility to discuss my personal and professional development. Another threat was to overcome lower income then if I was employed.


My Experience

I had to learn how to deal with failures that came at the beginning and also to be able to overcome lower income then if I was employed - mainly due to the investments I did for my business.
I was not good at time management at the beginning and that was stressful for my family and business as well. Also I did not think about myself very much, I rested just a little and that made me stressed.
It was not always pleasant to leave my comfort zone and develop. It was difficult for me to be responsible for myself and to take charge for my business.
With the growth of my financial stability the confidence in my abilities also grew, I was able to invest more into my own business.
The biggest help in my business were the psychology and psychotherapy studies, also continuous self education helps me - seminars of personal development.
I have a perfect family (husband, children and parents) that supports me in all my decisions, I have friends who believe in me and I have a great mentor who inspires and motivates me, these all are very supportive.
I am a part of a result oriented company - I get motivated by result and ideas of my colleagues. I make business with people who value the same life values and who give me the sense of solidarity.


My Skills

I am a sports woman by soul and heart.
I take new tasks as challenges.
I do not give up.
I am looking for ways how to make it rather than finding reasons why it is impossible.
I am able to learn and put into practice new information in my work. I easily adapt myself to changes. I know and I use the required techniques to do a good job. I easily spread and transmit information. I listen and I pay attention to other people’s problems. I like partnership building. Personal development through my job is important. I like to negotiate so that everyone ends up satisfied. I coordinate and motivate the staff. I schedule activities and organise myself easily. I am able to quickly make up my mind. I know how to manage all my activities (at work and in my private life). I am able to use the experience and advice of others.


Hints & Tips

By taking care of happiness of others we find our own happiness. At the beginning I was inspired by other successful woman in the finance field. She was in top management, making nice money, she had family and children and most of all, she looked happy. I have told myself I would try to arrange the same life for me.
Be inspired by women who walked the road before you. Ask them for their experience, success and mistakes. Find your woman role model and follow her.
You have to be brave, to take the decision and to accept that you always have to work on yourself.
In general it is women who have to work on their confidence at the beginning.
When you think you can not, usually you still can at least twice as much.
Learn to ask for help when you need it.
Everything goes better with a smile and with a good mood.
Believe in yourself in everything you do.
Learn to rest.




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