Iveta Svobodová

she is a woman who with three kids still manages with grace to run the big farm and still brings interesting project for support of her region

About me

NAME: Iveta Svobodová

COUNTRY: The Czech Republic

CITY: Heřmanice


BACKGROUND: University degree

ACTION/SECTOR: Agriculture

POSITION: Farm's owner



My Background and Career

Love for animals was the inspiration for my project.
At my twenty my father convinced me that to replace business in accountancy with farming in the mountains is a good idea :-). I started with agribusiness and it caught me so much that he devoted to this till day and I am still having fun.
My opportunities? The idea of parents, which I managed to implement and transform according to their wishes. A lifetime of happiness :-).
The main threat was lack of finances, especially at the beginning, the constant changes in laws and rules in the Czech agriculture and business in general.


My Experience

Agriculture is not a field that could make millions overnight, we can say that for 20 years we struggle with money. Still, unfortunately, for the investments we need to borrow, but compared to the beginning no longer issues with payments of loans. And some banks have found that farmers are good clients :-).
Initially, mainly to convince myself that I could live elsewhere than in Prague, where I grew up. Learn that if I want something, I have to go for it by myself, nobody else will do it for me.
The money helped me a lot, without them I would never acquired the farm and I would not be where I am today.
My parents helped me by borrowing money and giving advice, husband through his advices, labor, money and overall support.
The school is nice, but lacks experience. It taught me the basics, but ongoing training on specific issues are certainly better for practice.
My personality probably helped me a lot if I did not believe in myself and did not believe what I'm doing, I would not have today a farm, what I have.
Family and friends always helped me when I needed it.
Good relations with the authorities are very important :-).


My Skills

I am able to learn and put into practice new information in my work.
I know and I use the required techniques to do a good job.
I like to negotiate so that everyone ends up satisfied
I coordinate and motivate the staff.


Hints & Tips

Obstacles are there to be broken :-).
When I want something, I have to believe I can do it.
Even dreams can be lived :-)
In the Czech Republic is a great business jungle, but you can get through. Just women have it considerably more difficult, the more pleasure they have when they are successful.




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